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123xyz · 377d ago

Hey, Daniel. I really love your mission of helping "lost Einsteins" with the Pioneer.App, but I feel like the startup / entrepreneur path is, while workable for yet another "App" development, is far from enabling someone to start another "Manhattan Project". If I'm interested in military-grade funding for "Manhattan-Project"-level endeavors, where should I look?

Don't get me wrong, the process of periodic goal-setting and progress sharing is workable to projects of any size and complexity, so your system should be good for projects of all kinds, it's just that those moonshot projects are rare.

So, it would be great to split up into groups. Can we have a category in profiles "[ ] My Project is A Moonshot", so that we could group up with people of similar level of ambition. For someone who is after a moonshot, talking with ordinary enterpreneurs may less fun. It's like, you're trying to achieve something of TCP/IP level, and the rest are talking API calls to SaaS services.