College Students here?
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*Hi to everybody

My startup is focus in provide help and support to the college students, right now I'm in the process of validation of the idea.

I'm looking for college students who can help me with their feedback, if you are a college student, please let know, your help will be rewarded, or, if you know college students or communities, I appreciate your help

Thank you*.

navikaagrawal · 4d ago

Send me an email, I'll help out.

acal96 · 4d ago

I have sent you an email.

CryogenicPlanet · 5d ago

Can definitely help you out, send me an email

acal96 · 5d ago

I have sent you an email.

jackoregankenny · 6d ago

Just became a college student yesterday! Fire me an email at and I'll gladly give you a hand!

acal96 · 6d ago

I have sent you an email. · 4d ago

Yes, I'm in graduate school right now.

acal96 · 4d ago

Oh great, can I send you an email? · 4d ago


acal96 · 3d ago is your email? · 3d ago