What are your most effective methods to avoid breaking down?
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As entrepreneurs we are all working very hard - at least I know I do. And while I often start out a project with passion, I find myself feeling exhausted a few months in. I still like what I am working on but my creativity gets drained and this really affects the work in a negative way. I wanted to ask for some tips or tricks you implement when you feel overwhelmed. It would really help to learn more from this community! Cheers.

Aden · 22d ago

By recognising when you’re feeling like your moods control your decisions. A strategy must always be separate from one’s temperaments.

That being said, communities and networking groups are incredibly helpful. Am personally expanding my network at the moment.

mayireland · 36d ago

I totally empathise - i found myself in this situation a month ago - i was feeling burned out and realised I needed a break to recharge my batteries. Agree with what others have noted here - it is so easy for days to blend and as a founder - it's always hard to switch off! Having a great support network is key but it's equally important that you take time for yourself and you go and 'do' something that makes you think about something else for awhile - takes your mind off things - even if it's for a couple of hours or a 3 day weekend, or even a weekend! We deserve it!

ogochukwuakabogu · 39d ago

Meditation helps me a lot.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

I built a whole community around me. https://techcelerate.ventures.

Life is very tough as a tech entrepreneur. You need a strong support network. I hope you gain that by simply being here. Few other networks are captured on this blog post https://www.techcelerate.ventures/2020/08/few-channels-you-should-consider/ which may also be of use.

nino · 41d ago

Let me ask, when was the last time you actually took an entire day off?

kajiwoto.com · 43d ago

I log out of everything for an entire day and picnic at the beach/park with my dog. Being present, people watching and being in some sort of nature is usually enough until the next low. As for creativity replenishment talking to users is the best for this, just know that they can drag you and lift you all in a single convo smh -carmina