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PAIN: 56.6 Million Students in the US Lag Most Developed Nations in Math - with no Improvement in Decades

OPPORTUNITY: Developers worldwide tend to be solidly above average at math and more than a fair share of developers are extraordinarily gifted in the subject.

SOLUTION: incentivizes developers, teachers and parents to find new ways to help students close this gap as quickly as possible. The bigger the results (students*results), the bigger the reward.

TEAM: Lorenzo Carver (

ron-703125 · 814d ago

The video is down!

gilmar · 814d ago

Interesting Concept!

hermione-986201 · 814d ago

That's cool!

franciscovalencia · 814d ago

Video is private

deliverator-544575 · 814d ago

I like the concept, but still can't see your demo video - it's private.

dumbledore-576237 · 814d ago

Sounds nice, however is there a way to keep the person engaged in it?

nmtan · 814d ago

Heads up that your video is private.

parzival-427448 · 814d ago

Math education is really important for learning other subjects, so it's great to see ways to make it more accessible!

hermione-190623 · 814d ago

Great project! Looking forward to look into this very soon!

juliegoat · 815d ago

Great! Math is hard. Would love to see if anyone has creative ways to make math a more appealing subject to students - I love geometry because of art! · 815d ago

:). Thanks Julie! Have some ideas. Hopefully I'll have some time to complete a build before the morning. Have a great day!