Pioneer MAY be more important and impactful than YC ever was
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Ive been meaning to say this for awhile. Frontier has a remote first pedigree that YC doesn't, its reasonably data driven though not as transparent as it should be and it's the ONLY capital raising process that in itself isnt a blackhole waste of time like it usually is. On the last point alone, Frontier is transformative and revolutionary. For most of the rest of the planet, Frontier is the only way to grind up and be noticed by the SF bubble glitterati. The teams at this stage are currently far better than YC's were at this point in it's life, everything is a vast improvement and while everyone else is saying that they're going to be more "remote friendly" or be "pandemic proof" in their funding and interview + diligence proceses, PIoneer seems to be the only one able to actually walk the walk.

That being said however, it does fall apart at the end with the "expert review" process which others have said is shockingly disappointing and non existent compared to what even peer Pioneers are contributing. PIoneer themselves may not know what exactly it is that they like or what to encourage yet, although we can make educational guesses at past winners which slant towards those with potentially groundbreaking tech and maybe not much of a product built yet or market metrics, true to its name and it's great to see the support both for innovation and maybe the level of risk tolerance/naivete towards technical risk :) . However..

For those that have never received such a "review" yet, it basically amounts to a potentially infinite loop of "sorry didnt make it, grind 4 more weeks" that they might as well have a "thank you come again" at the end of with the voice of Apu from The Simpsons. Pioneer may have to also consider what it is that they will never support, what are key metrics thresholds to overcome? goals that Pioneer themselves need to hit for sustainability and so on. Do unsexy startups with solid cashflow but nothing exciting tech wise otherwise matter? There must be some oft-repeated common problems i.e. "too early, market size too small, we dont like or understand x industry" and so on. What about things that need to change for the future?

To wrap up.. yes there could be a big impact here but given how much Pioneer was made to be like a game, maybe it's time to stop treating it as one??

manojranaweera · 148d ago

Love what you said.

Long long time ago, two guys created nReduce - probably the first virtual accelerator.