Announcing 5 new Pioneer teams - January 2022
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The newest cohort of Pioneers! Congrats to the teams behind:

- Paytalent
- Bugshare
- Bender Games
- Glenstack
- Utterly


mangalpradamalaya · 174d ago

Were these teams participating in the tournament? I don't see any new pioneer badges in the leader board.

Clairevara · 173d ago

Same · 161d ago

congrats all! · 169d ago

Congratulations guys!

khawajaahsantariq · 170d ago

To everyone joining the the pioneer tournament, welcome and best of luck.

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Sendoff · 172d ago

Congrats guys. Well done.

user_1234 · 173d ago


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JohnFurrh · 174d ago

congratulations guys