Congratulations RemoteHour on TWiSt Appearance
Shared by Touchgram_Andy · 19d ago · 12 comments got praised by Jason Calacanis on This Week in Startups around 1:25:17 as a great startup he'd discovered during the virtual world of VC nowadays.

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Thank you for posting, Andrew :) · 18d ago

Hey, that's awesome! Congrats to Remotehour (and thanks Andy for the community spirit)!

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Thank you co much ;) · 17d ago

Thanks for making a great product and great inspiration for all of us.


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Chris · 19d ago

Yeah, he was hyping it on twitter too

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Alex_Vizyal · 18d ago

I listen to TWiSt religiously. Its how I found out about Pioneer in the first place. Massive congrats RemoteHour and cool concept. Good luck with it all

shunyamada · 16d ago

Thanks, Alex :)