Poll: Venture Funding vs. Bootstrapping
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The merits of the two have been debated on the Internet ad nauseam, but I'm curious: Which path do you plan to take, and in just a sentence or two, why?

braddwyer · 10d ago

VC because the door to build one of the world’s biggest companies is only going to be open for a short window of time.

I bootstrapped my last company because it was profitable and I didn’t have a big vision for it... my company was “successful” (millions of users, still exists and is still profitable) but not compared to our competitor that raised $100 million and ended up being a publicly traded company worth $10 billion.

We might not have gotten that big.. but we never even tried.. and that “what if” really nags at me.

startupdir · 10d ago


ptmn · 4d ago

Boostrap first and as long as you can. VCs might help startup quickly scale but also kill it faster. Once registering a game, you enter an insane wheel of valuation.

rodneyroskruge · 10d ago


The journey from marrying MVP to Product-market fit can only be done by a human. Then venture.

Trybal.Network · 10d ago

Boostrapping until Venture Capital lol

rogereur · 10d ago

We have bootstrapped our asset-intensive company for ~12 months and in the next ~12 months we want to raise from VCs. I'm an advocate of raising VC only to accelerate/scale, not to build. Ideally you don't need VC to build because I believe their incentives can affect negatively your expected outcome

vixt.co · 9d ago

VC = money = speed = scale up

praiseallijohnson · 10d ago

I believe to always begin by bootstrapping before VC.
But if you are asking in regards to the entire life-span of the company, then it depends on what you are building and why you are building it. I would choose OPM (VC) to build a fast growth startup, cos that is the only way to to achieve massive growth in the shortest time possible, except my father is Buffet :)