Skills to Build to Better Position Myself as a Founder in the Future
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I am working on a digital news company with a focus on the weather, climate, and the environment. For the next 2-3 years , I am taking a job as a broadcast meteorologist in local news to work on my journalism, forecasting, and communication skills. What other skills should I focus on to better position myself to launch a digital media company in a couple years?

manojranaweera · 43d ago

Hi Patrick, There is nothing better than trying. Why not sign up to as a volunteer and gain skills in other areas by helping a fellow tech startup? · 44d ago

- sales & persuasion
- coding
- social media/digital marketing & understanding the algorithms etc

madhukarprabhakara · 43d ago

Top of my list would be
- Identifying problems and knowing when there is there isn't a technical solution(things that can be solved without forcing tech into it) is equally important.

this is in addition to all other traits Andrew listed above.