Any leads for idea stage/pre-seed accelerators and funding opportunities?
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Hey Frontier/Pioneer!

I'm currently building - a community-based platform operating in the intersections of mental health, productivity, and psychology.

That being said, Bacon aims to become a bid in addressing the COVID-19 mental/emotional health toll, and the taboo surrounding the topic through relevant, purpose-based challenges.

As a current college sophomore, costs to build the MVP are a tad unattainable. Hence, I've been scouring the web over the past couple days for funding opportunities. Any leads would be appreciated!

Thanks so much! · 68d ago

As others have said it's going to be difficult to raise from just an idea. The landscape has shifted from 5-6 years ago and even most of the earliest stage investors want you to at least have something in market.

I invested in building our MVP (own funds) and while it did help get where we are today, if I knew what I know now I wouldn't go down that path again.

That said there other ways to validate your idea and get some early feedback and traction:

- build a landing page/run some ads to gauge interest & build an email list
- start a blog/forum
- use Facebook or Meetup groups to connect with your ideal users
- and many, many more

The AirBnB origin story while not the norm provides some great inspiration what can come from almost nothing. Talk to as many people as you can and keep grinding!

mattcrail · 72d ago

I think it will be hard to raise money to go out and build an MVP. How can you validate an idea/get traction without spending money having someone build a product for you? When you do go to an investor they'll want to see you have done a lot with a little.

taigakobayashi · 72d ago

I love your idea. This can solve the big problem that we are facing.
I do think it costs less than $10K if you tried to save money. So, If I were you, I'd earn by doing something like labor work.
(Of course, at the same time, I would try to find ways to get fundraised. But It might take more than a year to find the ways. I would not take a risk like that )
I am so sorry that I said too much.

manojranaweera · 72d ago

Great idea. Love the website (home page). Do take a look at What resources are you looking for? We do charge £25/month but the talent comes free. . Partner Eric Bahn apparently doesnt even look at early products most of the time as they usually suck and arent an accurate measure of the team usually according to him. Learns more from committing some money and seeing how team works and how they can help out. They can cut the check from the deck alone. Given the sheer volume they have to do, I can kind of understand but I wouldnt ever want to invest like this myself personally · 72d ago

This +1

Kryotech · 71d ago

Concerning It should be remembered that at this time they are only funding companies based in US, Canada and South East Asia. If your startup is anywhere else in the world, you need not waste your time applying. They don't tell you this until AFTER you've filled everything in and they've captured your details and your deck - which I personally think is a bit dishonest to be honest, especially as the location question is one of the first to be answered.

brugeman · 71d ago

Well they have that info in the FAQ so maybe you just missed it.