What CLI tools do you use often during development?
Shared by Vasek · 10d ago · 3 comments

Hey folks,

we are trying to find out what are some popular CLI tools that developers use. I can imagine things like aws-cli, gcloud, or heroku will be up there pretty often but what else?

home.wolv.io · 10d ago

python as an overpowered calculator, nano as a quick editor, Vegeta (https://github.com/tsenart/vegeta) for stress-testing APIs, homebrew for packages

slee · 10d ago

A useful one that I use is tig (git backwards). The UI/UX is better than git and it allows you to do things such as picking out single line changes to commit vs. committing the whole change. Can really help keep your diff history clean.



krcnow · 10d ago

react-native and expo in recent times.