's progress update - June 27th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you consolidate & organize your photos/videos across services/devices to share and relive experiences with family & friends

What are your KPIs?
Launch MVP2
Goal: 100% by July 31st
Current: 35%
Media cataloged (import/upload) in GreatAlbum
Goal: 4,000 by July 31st
Current: 3074
Beta users + waiting list members
Goal: 1,500 by July 31st
Current: 1061

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Beta6 sprint 50% done
GreatAlbum blog site redesign implemented
GreatAlbum app site redesign 67%
Media recognition engine 50% done
Beta7 Sprint Objectives and Roadmap refined
Demo video v5
1 Blog post

Beta6 sprint 35% done
GreatAlbum blog site redesign implemented
GreatAlbum app site redesign 80%
Media recognition engine 25% done
Journal & KPIs

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Beta6 sprint 75% done
GreatAlbum app site redesign 100% done
Media recognition engine 50% done
Demo video v5
1 Blog post

What would you like feedback on from the community? new design demo1 demo2

Project website · 455d ago

I went to your project website first and was a little reluctant. Then I went to your other website and was blown away. Night and day difference between the presentation. Clean, sensible, and attractive. I could really see using your product. You've got my vote

DesignForHappiness · 455d ago

The landing page could be a little bit clearer. Currently not too from the landing page what it is if I am honest.

JoesWriters.Club · 455d ago

Digitizing albums made easy? Sign me up. Your website looks great. I hope you make it big time. : ) · 455d ago

The new site looks dope! With our media spread across devices and formats and apps, this is a godsend! And the fact that you can create events based on the images handles the time-consuming of categorisation.
Create a video demo to showcase how easy it is to just link your accounts and bam! It's ready. The aggregation based on "families" or "common networks" is beautiful. Do emphasise on these pointers more on site! · 455d ago

This is an interesting concept, how does this differ from a service like Google Photos which on the surface appears to have similar features? · 455d ago

KPIs look good - great progress!

I think your landing page could be clearer. The new design is much better, but has some great advice. My main question is what is the value I get from using your tool? I think your point about sharing with people is really important, probably worth putting in the headline?

I think your pitchdeck is solid, answers my qs :) · 455d ago

What's the difference with Google Photos?

Service · 455d ago

Nice. What makes your product unique from the existing Products?