What would make your development 10 times or even 100 times more productive?
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Most of the folks here are developers working on their projects. I bet that we all would accept a tool, service, process, or something else that would make our development 100 times more productive without blinking an eye.

How would such a tool or process look like for you? And what implications besides faster development do you think it would have for you?

donychristie · 249d ago

Custom-fitted support groups for every habit/area of my life.

elias@guineapig.app · 249d ago

Hijacking a bit since I'm super interested to hear more, we're working on similar problems in our startup.
I'd love to know: What support groups are you currently a part of, any other than Pioneer? For which habits and areas of your life do you most wish you could join better support groups?

donychristie · 248d ago

Great question! I was meaning to think more about this (especially for this upcoming goal-crafting workshop I'm doing).

What am I a part of besides Pioneer:
- Yancey Strickler's 'Bentoism' Zoom calls
- A small FB chat I made for my startup, that I want to add more people to but am worried about risking rejection if I ask someone if they want to join a support chat, though I know they're supportive
- I've signed up for Startup School but haven't gotten into it yet
- Probably something else that counts, but I forget

It is really hard for me to peg down what exactly I want when I say "support group". Something like: a gamified, set-in-motion, responsive feedback loop.

What I would most like:
- A dedicated coworking/co-accountability time in the morning where I work on a single thing to move my startup forward.
- Finances: something like a group where I post all of my expenditures and income each day, I would then know that at least a few people have seen it, and I know I will get feedback from people that I like. Offloaded cognition.
- "Calls": scheduling calls with people is instrumental to many values of mine. I could log how many calls I did that day and make sure I'm doing some number.
- Dating: a specific instance of calling. I'd like support for the # of dates I am going on and encouragement to seek out more.
- Weight loss: I wanted to get to 12% bodyfat by the end of the year. The only way this will happen is if I join a strong accountability group that feedbacks me into a better diet and also exercise.

That's just some ideas. I feel really confused about all of the parameters involved with implementing any one of them. I'd love to jump on a call with you if you could help me determine those. Biggest obstacle I think is that it's hard to get people to understand what are the components of an agreed-upon group structure - worse if I don't even know! This is the same problem for what I'm working on - making group coordination - so our interests are well-aligned.

elias@guineapig.app · 248d ago

Thanks for the thoughtful answer, so much fun to read!

Had never heard of Bentoism before, it looks interesting.
Are you using the facebook app as an early version of your own startup's product, or to support you while you're building your startup? Either way is interesting.
I don't think I can recommend startup school highly enough, we've participated in it and the goal setting, group sessions and lectures are so good. The forum isn't super active though.

Really appreciate the ideas as well, I think these are super interesting problems to solve. So many verticals where simply group support as the solution could be very effective. Seems like you just have to pick a vertical and find a way to package and deliver that group support in a great way.

I'd love to chat more or jump on a call anytime! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliassvensson/. I'm still new to Pioneer, is there any other way to find and share contact information here?

donychristie · 247d ago

The Facebook chat is just for personal support.

I can't message you on LinkedIn. Here is my Calendly (next Monday's the best earliest day to reach me): https://calendly.com/donychristie/60min

irene-aurametrix · 249d ago

The ability to crowdsource complex tasks. Algorithms for task decomposition, task throughput optimization and coordination dependencies have been proposed, but there are also trust Issues in the online environment.

home.wolv.io · 211d ago

assuming there is an effective system to facilitate trust, how would you go about crowdsourcing complex tasks?

stuffcontent.com · 249d ago

I have a tool I built to track how I spend my time. It tells me that I spend 23% of my working time learning new things. This is the single most time consuming activity for me. So then the question becomes, "how can I learn things 10 times faster?" If you find the answer, let me know! In the meantime, I've started reading a textbook on educational psychology.

elias@guineapig.app · 250d ago

The first thing that comes to mind where there's something that I want to get done but takes a lot of time to do is coding and design. For instance, I just built a Slack app for our startup. First, I had to learn how to build stuff for Slack, but since their tutorials and documentation was pretty good it took me 1-2 days. But then, it took me a few weeks to design and code the actual app.

I think that where I've experienced the closest thing to a 10-100X timesaver has been when using WYSIWYG tools to build forms with e.g. Typeform, and buying templates and plugins for websites. What's so nice about WYSIWYG for me is that design and building can become virtually the same thing a lot of the time. Because I didn't really know how Slack apps worked, I couldn't just start designing wireframes. I had to actually build while designing to understand how it even worked.

Hope that's helpful!

ramseybeing · 247d ago

Broadly, a process that would 100x impact for humanity (and developers) could be some kind of intelligent distributed RnD mechanism that has built-in incentives to leverage the collaboration of human efforts and their outputs. Something that doesn’t require any upfront or outside capital, but generates value through group collaboration, and the fruits of that is distributed proportionally to the humans that were involved in the effort, using participatory economic principles (Parecon). https://youtu.be/9OxftCD5g1Y

home.wolv.io · 211d ago

Really interesting; thanks for sharing the thoughts and link.

One of the micro problems I see (on a deep personal level) is a sustainable source of intrinsic motivation. Rewards only go so far to entice action and motivation seems deeper than carrots-sticks (ref. Daniel Kahneman)
E.g. there are guaranteed returns to doing exercise, and many times, I still can't be bothered.

The motivation problem seems to manifest on a societal level too, where it seems easy to motivate society through conflict (even during deprivation) than plenty.

In creating a system of effective collaboration, organising intelligence/resources to pursue a set of macro-goals while satisfying micro-constraints seems possible, yet incredible difficult to orchestrate. It might be easier to execute exclusively with machine intelligence, or a hybrid society.

clubavatar.app · 248d ago

I'm looking for a good search engine solution for modern nocode tools in usable form - just search and try, no lessons, no videos, no marketing, because I just need a search result in usable form. I tried multiple code/nocode solutions for a our web site, so research 90% when site dev 10% if you're wants an ideal solution. I tried to analyze everything myself and this looks like tech internet 10 years ago when we have a languages problem

balancegaming.network · 250d ago

AI that automatically looks up or anticipate future problems and goes looking on say stack overflow for you already lol. More Nocode/Lowcode stuff

michaelfuselier · 203d ago

Even 1 clone of myself would go a long way to helping, 10 would be super fantastic!

AutoManus.com · 245d ago

Feedbacks from target customers...those feedbacks kicked our ass to fix all our issues.

raushanraj · 247d ago

1. Select Programming Language like Python - You have to type less.
2. If it's web go with Django and Use Admin component a lot. Everything is already built up in Django admin, all you have to do is extend things. It will save your time a lot.
3. Sleep tight and code at least from 4 am to 7 am with a fresh mind.