What should my pioneer username be?
Shared by krishan711 · 689d ago · 5 comments

Hey! lots of entrants seem to have their product name as their username. when i was filing out the "project description" page when i first signed up it looked like it should be my username rather than the product's.

I have a team-member who would also like to participate in the forum. I can add them in the project description, but I can't just link their profile the way i would imagine, since they would want to be able to log in and update things too.

This seems like I'm missing something obvious, hopefully someone can help!

jornie · 688d ago

Your website if you have one. I don’t think your team mate will have their own login. Currently I share login details with my co founders

nino · 688d ago

I second all this info.

I've copy/pasted usernames right off the leaderboard to visit the site so it's a good idea to include the .com or whatever your TLD is as well.

Only one for the whole team unfortunately until Pioneer adds that feature...

krishan711 · 688d ago

Ah yes i've done the same (visit the urls straight from the leaderboard). Will update mine now thanks!

krishan711 · 688d ago

Cool, thanks will do that

krishan711 · 688d ago

I think I get it a bit better now:

Co-founders dont get to "link" to the same project so just share an account with them.
In the project description (https://play.pioneer.app/project) use your domain as the username
On your account page (https://account.pioneer.app) set your frontier username to your personal one