Clubhouse anyone?
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Has anyone been using Clubhouse to market their business? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently about how brands utilize Clubhouse to build awareness and generate leads, and my team has recently published a post about getting your business started on Clubhouse (currently working on a follow-up post with case studies).

I would love to know if anyone has any interesting insights or case studies you would like to share on Clubhouse marketing?

Here is also a link to the first post if anyone’s interested:

coryz · 20d ago

ngl Clubhouse sucks. usage is WAY down from initial release.

Klog · 20d ago

I agree with this. Would be interested to hear stories of people who are currently using it well.

miriamdorsett · 21d ago

I have had success using CH to talk to people about my product and get really helpful feedback. I have colleagues that have found investors there and find it useful to learn about a variety of topics in real time.

jermainevanryck · 24d ago

I would love to try your product out !! Should I just sign up ? · 24d ago

That’s always nice to hear You can sign up directly but I’m also happy to do a short onboarding call to make sure you get the most of it from the start. Here is my availability

manojranaweera · 26d ago

Yes. I have 1,100+ followers and UK Tech Startups Club with over 1000 followers and members.

Issue is working out how to convert. Whilst the focus right now for is not revenue, I did manage to convert one tech startup to a paying customer. · 15d ago

Would you like me to feature your use case in our latest post?

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Sure. Every little helps!