Request for feedback: Which of the two copies is better?
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Howdy Pioneers!

I'm Mohit, Co-Founder of OroPocket. We're enabling users to become financially independent.

Using our platform users can invest in Gold and Silver, and use it as money with an asset backed Mastercard to shop online, offline, or even withdraw cash at the ATM.

Simply put - We offer asset backed banking.

Here are some advantages:
- Every year, the money that you have in your bank loses its value due to inflation. You get to beat that with OroPocket.
- You don't have to worry about losing your life savings in case of a bank failure. All assets on OroPocket are 100% insured(Just in the last 6 months, 3 banks have shut down in India resulting in loss of life savings for millions and loss of life for a dozen people).
- Unlike your bank, we don't charge massive fees for transfer(whether local or international). You can literally send as little as 1 cent across the globe, instantly.
- With the current economic depression, more and more countries are printing billions and trillions of dollars right now resulting in depreciation of the money that you have in your pocket.

We're revamping our homepage and we could really use your advice on which of these two offers better messaging, and are more likely to result in conversion.



Your comments, suggestions and feedback is welcomed. :)

Cheers and Thanks!

Kryotech · 598d ago

I would run with Option 2. It's cleaner. I would, however perhaps suggest putting your main headline, first line in bold, second line in semi-bold. Also I would also test the color scheme on some different resolution and gamut devices to ensure you don't get bleed or loss of detail due to color burn. Apart from that really digging the concept and idea. :) Good luck and keep it up. · 597d ago

@kryotech Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. We're changing the background texture right away to avoid any color burns. Adjusting the font weight as well. I appreciate your feedback.

harfoush · 598d ago

I like option 2. It is clearer and I think it will appeal to more people. · 597d ago

Thank you! That's Two votes for Option 2.

akshaysoni · 589d ago

Great concept Mohit, Excited to use it. Option 2 looks much better. Best of luck!

easonchai · 590d ago

Firstly, I would just like to say that I love what you are doing! It would be really interesting to see how you allow such low rates and virtually no minimum transfer amounts. Anyways, I would go with option 2. Good luck, and I'm excited to see how this turns out!

gianis · 596d ago

I would also say option no2. The key message is simple and stands out with the clean background. · 596d ago

Also Option 2, definitely. Less is more.

DotDotJames · 597d ago

#2, far and away · 597d ago

Heya, I'd go with 2. It sounds more positive, and it immediately explains what asset-backed banking is.

startupdir · 597d ago