Fundport - Feedback on idea
Shared by ahmadibrahim · 44d ago · 10 comments

I would like to ask about ideas to convince founders to raise their reward based crowdfunding on our platform, and how to get investors to join in.

In addition I would like to ask what would be the best way to help founders their reward based crowdfunding.

JayLewis · 42d ago

Ahmad, one point you make repeatedly is that you help founders find product market fit. Do you? That one seems like a throw-in. Seems like the main value you add is a) helping people crowdfund and b) helping people who have already crowdfunded via your platform raise more money from investors. Where does helping find PMF come in? Thanks for sharing!

ahmadibrahim · 42d ago

The idea is when you help people raise reward based crowdfunding and if they successfully do it and then that proved they have traction and therefore have pmf. And them raising their full crowdfunding amount will show and prove to investors this traction.

JayLewis · 41d ago

Oh I see. Rewards-based crowdfunding. Didn't grok that in the initial go around. Makes sense, gamifying the crowdfunding process

KaylaBens · 42d ago

Hey Ahmad! Interesting, lots of questions.

Feels like if your platform is meant to connect people who have crowdfunded (step 1) to investors (step 2), then you must have a lot of investor connections. Is that right? If not, where will you get good investors for these crowdfunded projects?

ahmadibrahim · 42d ago

The concept will come like the egg and chicken concept so when there is good crowdfunded projects investors would wanna be on the project, second iam working on building my investor network before we launch to have investors ready.

KaylaBens · 41d ago

Yep, classic chicken and egg. Where will you get good founders, and where will you get good investors? Seems like that needs more thought. And will you be building the platform yourself? When are you planning on launching? (May be a good opportunity for

ahmadibrahim · 41d ago

Iam not building the platform myself there is a tech firm Iam working with,Iam hopefully planning to launch in may.

KaylaBens · 41d ago

Nice, good luck!

ahmadibrahim · 43d ago

When i say crowdfunding i mean the reward based like kickstarter

Pradeep · 44d ago

When you mean crowdfund - the investors will fund the founders or the common people will -like how it happens in Kickstarter?