What Salary Should a CEO and CTO take in a New Startup?
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Our company is a startup E-commerce company in Nigeria. I am the CEO working full-time but my partner, the CTO works part-time.
I need suggestions on how much salary is ideal for us. Thank you.

cynthiaasije · 110d ago

I want to now this too

Sendoff · 141d ago

Salaries at a startup can be problematic. Especially if you intend to raise funding at some point. If you have already raised funding, paying your salaries from that is bad form unless they are way, way under market. Having said that, VC's don't want their founders to starve, so you can pay a nominal salary but it should not be high. Your upside comes from company growth. Take a look at this article: https://www.brettjfox.com/how-do-you-determine-your-salary-as-a-startup-ceo/

bufferway.com · 142d ago

Paying yourselfs salary is a bad idea at this stage. I don't advice co-founders to place themselves on a salary scale at an early stage, especially when there is no revenue yet.

kendsouza · 143d ago

Only you would know. What's a good salary in Nigeria in Naira?

mangalpradamalaya · 143d ago

Take as little as possible.

manojranaweera · 143d ago

Nice problem to have. Assume you are killing it with revenues.

Duoiba.com · 143d ago

Thanks for your feedback