Banana raises $1.6M, led by Pioneer
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Erik Dunteman was selected as a Pioneer in December 2020 for his work on Booste, Twilio for ML. In the last 7 months, he's gone through Pioneer Camp, presented to Natalie Sandman in our February Demo Livestream, bound past $10k MRR, raised a $220k seed round and rebranded to Banana.

Thrilled to have led his latest seed round. Read our interview with Erik above. · 156d ago

Way to go Erik!

Surprised someone hasn't tried to buy the whole banana bunch :D Awesome product awesome founder.

Sal · 156d ago

+1! lol

janefischer · 160d ago

Fantastic! Congratulations, buddy! :)

oras · 160d ago

Congrats! Great to see progress from pioneers. There should be a section in the landing page for news like this.

Sal · 160d ago

Agreed! +1

NFT-gal · 161d ago

Banana........ Booste feels like what the company should be called. Banana is a bold rebrand. But fun. I like it.

johnf · 160d ago

Banana #for #scale · 159d ago

This is the correct answer! Well done Erik and team.

kendsouza · 161d ago

Now that's really something! Getting to $10k MRR as well as the $1.6M raise.
Great job, Erik!

sole-fields · 161d ago