[1/26 12pm PST] Live Project Feedback with Daniel Gross
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Sunday 1/24! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?). No need to describe your project—we have access to your project description & progress updates.

Check out the last one here.

snehganjoo · 481d ago

Hi Daniel we are building "A universal command line that enables search and inter-operability across a developer's engineering tools."

We are currently in the process of revamping our marketing website, in your experience what are the key things that we need to cover to get more developers to download our app and give it a try!

- Our current website: www.kloudi.tech
(Contains an early-access program which we will be removing)

- Our localhost server and app is available at:
bash -c "$(curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kloudi-tech/local/release/get_kloudi.sh)"

commudle.com · 482d ago

Hi Daniel!

Thank you for taking up this question. We are currently in the process of re-working out home page, there are 2 choices for us, viz.
+ Make it a product showcase page where we tell what Commudle is about
+ Take the user directly to a page with feed and other activity happening on the website

If it were up to you, what would you decide and how and why :)

isaaceaves · 482d ago

Hi Daniel,

Currently, we are targetting a niche where it is not yet clear whether the market is big enough for it to be a "venture-scalable" business. But, we have a longer-term vision where we think it could be more obvious, but that is of course more of a hypothesis. So with that, I have two questions!

1) How do you think about the balance of starting with a niche-sized market, while at the same time exploring how it could become a venture-scalable business?
2) How do you communicate this to investors? I.e. if you're seeking pre-seed funding while currently focusing on a more niche market, what do investors want to see as far as evidence that there is venture-scalability potential?


Thomas · 482d ago

Hello Daniel,
My project centers on helping people directly. I'm doing this to cushion the effects of covid-19 pandemic lockdown which has led to economic woes in a rural area dominated by peasant farmers and market women.
It's a people oriented project.

A landing page is one of the criteria for making headway in the tournament. I think this is essentially good when you want people to know what you are doing and also see evidences or proofs of your claims.

1. How can my project remain relevant without a landing page?
2. How would people I gave financial aid and food stuffs to feel if they could recognize their faces on the social media platforms?

Thank you.

jorgegarcia · 483d ago

nuboxz: amazon lockers for craigslist -Pay online and check your item, if you dont like it just put it back.
Don't meet or wait for anyone, ever.

demo: https://youtu.be/5WCfae9oW-0?t=113

- Does it make sense to wait to reach vc's until we gather additional data with 10 locations
using our new hw iteration and more users or current progress would be about the same risk from their point of view ?

We made lots of progress but being 100% bootstrapped and keeping our day job make us slow.

Any feedback is welcome, thanks !

steventey · 483d ago

Hi Daniel,

I'm building a novel approach to brand & domain name creation over at One Word Domains (https://www.oneword.domains/). Would love to learn more about:

a) How does my value proposition look like from the product that is currently live on the site?
b) The landing page design – how can it be improved?
c) Pricing strategy feedback


mirr.tech · 483d ago

Hi Daniel and Pioneer Team,

What do you think is the ideal number to close a pre-order list at, in terms of hardware, before going into manufacturing that batch? We've been told to close at 30 and also told to stay open until 500 orders are placed.

Alice & Jack

Cloud-Wizard.com · 483d ago

Hello Daniel,

I have been in the top 50 for a long time and My project got reviewed many times but unfortunately I’ve never been selected. Can you advice on what else to improve if I have recently updated my project’s description and video? I have been getting good amount of upvotes for my landing page and progress.

Kind regards,

cyrilmugglin · 483d ago

Hello Daniel,

Following is a challenge where I would like to have your take on:

Miras is a email coaching service for individuals to reach their life goals.

Status quo: The service focuses on life goals per se.
Option 1: Continuing with it, making the service better, and stick with one value proposition of finding your important life goals.
Option 2: Open up the broad value proposition and create seperate ones for each life area, e.g. email coaching tracks for getting helathier, find your why, becoming spontaneous, etc.


PresentID.com · 484d ago

Hello Daniel,
Please let me know the weaknesses of PresentID based on our application,website and demos.

sth that isn't clear on our website?
our market?

Best Regards

lunarjobs.co · 484d ago

Hi Daniel,

Our initial product at lunarjobs.co is where job seekers pre-record interview answers in a one-many way that is efficient for everyone. But our business model relies on hiring companies joining which won't happen until there are enough job seekers.

Raising a seed round would be great but so many investors want revenue traction and we won't have much of that for awhile. Any suggestions on how to survive until that point?

Thank you

Pradeep · 484d ago

Hi Daniel,

Following are some of the things I would like some feedback with..

- Our Landing Page: https://highavenue.co/
- Our Demo video: https://youtu.be/dCEGx-thXD4
- & whole idea and app itself if possible?
- Should we monetization at this point?
- Apart from reddit, Hackernews, & producthunt? what are some good ways to garner users from the US? (we are from India).


Matthew_Brooks · 484d ago

Hey Daniel,

Just wondering about my landing page, is the value clear? https://www.incognitoforslack.com

And how would you go about manually finding first users? I've been connecting and messaging LI startup founders but that has only netted me 1 trial out of maybe 50+ messages.

What's your general advice for launching/growing a Slack app?

johnking · 484d ago

Hi Daniel & Team! We'd love feedback on our current landing page, https://www.tapplists.com and/or do we have the right KPIs at our stage -- we soft launched our app to friends & family on the Apple Appstore on 1/13/21. THANK YOU. With Gratitude, John King @TAPP

jameel · 484d ago

Hi Daniel - Can you share examples of successful freemium models surrounding career accelerators and hiring pipelines? My users are transitioning military veterans who are also coding Bootcamp students/grads and I've been spinning my wheels trying to find a way to generate revenue without charging them. Thank you for your time:) https://fallin.today/

alexcarrabre · 484d ago

We'd love to test & get feedback on the lives stream experience for the classes on our app!


Kiter.app · 485d ago

We are trying to break into the college scene and have reached out to ~150 colleges, but most ask about what other colleges are using our app. Would love to hear what your suggestions are on gaining initial credibility for these institutions? We would also love feedback on our demo board.

Thank you!

sam@novamoney · 486d ago

Hi Daniel, can you review our new website: cashcoach.io?
The more SEO traffic we have on our blog, the less targeted it gets, and the lower our conversion rate is. We could change our CTA from "app download" to "newsletter signup" but it would make the funnel longer. What do you think?

visawire · 486d ago

Feedback regarding VisaWire - an app for simplifying immigration and visas through personalized recommendations http://visawireapp.com/

Considering the topic is related to immigration and legal - how relevant is it to have someone with a law education involved early stage/upon product launch? Could incorrect phrasing lead to legal issues due to the founder not being a lawyer?

michaeljelly · 487d ago

Hey Rishi & Daniel & team!

We'd love some overall landing-page feedback (https://ethi.me), and then for a specific question: What's the biggest risk we (still) need to address that would stop Ethi from becoming an enormous company?

affordance.app · 487d ago


How to identify bottlenecks affecting founders at early stages.
How to deal with double-sided marketplace