Murmur is preparing for PH launch! Need your feedback
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Hello everyone,
next we are planning to launch on PH. and need your feedback on my product. One of our customers is P&G and based on feedback we updated our app.
here is our app overview:

Would love to get your feedback on my app and landing page: - a landing page - a web app.

currently we have operations in USA and recently launched our first international office in Baku.

I would love to come onboard as a sales representative my resume @

KenBallou · 10d ago

Dashboards and backend functionality look very clean and intuitive. I'd love to see a video of your vehicles and backpacks in action. Any plans to enter the Chicago metro area? · 10d ago

We are already in Chicago area including all suburbs

KenBallou · 10d ago

Awesome. Just signed up