Onboarding the next billions users to web3
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The single biggest barrier for adoption of web3 products (NFTs, dapps, defi, games, etc) is bad UX especially during the onboarding process of new users who aren't all that familiar with web3 tools or concepts.
We faced this problem ourselves when we built Interakt.club (a video interaktion tool with token streaming)
A new user has to understand and deal with fiat to crypto exchanges, custodial/non custodial wallets, gas fees, complex wallets like metamask and seed phrases before getting to use the product.

We are on a mission to solve this once and for all and make the web3 onboarding process simple enough to onboard our grandma's into web3!

I would love to talk to NFT projects, dapps, defi or pretty much any web3 project that is onboarding new users onto their platform.
feel free to dm me or reach out to shrikar@offrampwidget.com

MNM · 6d ago

Awesome! Sounds like there is an opportunity for you to create some web 3 online courses! You can even link them to areas of your product with a LEARN MORE>> And if they're FREE, you can generate even more traffic! Good luck!

That's a really good strategy. Thanks!

jenselvaggia · 4d ago

Love this idea. I just listened to a podcast today discussing gaps in understanding of web3, NFTs, and Metaverse. Four of us were in the office and all four had different levels of understanding.
What a great project, we will definitely follow you more and share with others!