Top 3 Tips for Tech Founders
Shared by manojranaweera · 59d ago · 3 comments

Someone was crazy enough to ask me to come up with 3 tips for tech founders. Here goes...

1. Decide on your Growth Trajectory from Day 1.
2. Understand the PROBLEM better than your competition.
3. Don't delay building your TEAM.

What do you think? What would be your top 3 tips?

PS: Can I have your permission to add your tips as comments to my blog post? Even better if you add them there with a link to your tech startup. Thanks.

kendsouza · 58d ago

Just 3?:) Here goes..
1. You might think you solved a problem, but will there be enough customers/users who care?
2. Are they willing to pay for your solution consistently?
3. Is the solution hard to replicate?

manojranaweera · 58d ago

Three good ones. Thanks.

macOS · 59d ago