(After launching) What is the biggest mistake you made that you wish you never did in first place?
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nakulverma · 160d ago

We took a long time to move from the concierge MVP stage to the actual product but that was mostly because of my commitment.

coolwellnesscafellc · 160d ago

Giving free demos.

My hard earned product that I had been manufacturing for months. I was truly believing in the fact that people would give it a try as much as I would love to try skincare products made with premium quality ingredients.

I wanted to help them realize it by giving them a chance to try and get the feel.

I feel that I devalued my own products by giving the demo without first making them excited to use it.

joncar · 157d ago

Mistakes are only mistakes if you don't learn from them... That being said. Grammar, proper planning, launching too fast, shooting too low. Spreading yourself too thin across all types of services instead of being more "Traditional" or conservative.

joshbrill · 158d ago

Haven't launched yet but already made a lot of mistakes lol

Starrrr · 157d ago

I've made countless mistakes. I just hope that I don't make the same mistakes lol Good lucck!

withprisma.com · 160d ago

Not putting in analytics for a software launch -> not knowing if people actually engage with what I put out there

kendsouza · 160d ago

I don't regret anything..so yep..no mistakes... everything was cool every moment:)
What's the point of this question anyway?