Come On My Podcast?
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I'm looking to get much more involved in Pioneer this year. I think one of the best ways to do that is to interview the founders who are active in here and have the potential to get them some press/attention. Is anyone interested in coming on? I do have SOME filters in deciding who I invite but I'm open to chatting with anyone about the opp. It's obviously free, and hopefully it helps you grow. Here's to a year to be active in Pioneer :) · 320d ago

Went on Mat's podcast about a year ago now. He's super cool, so definitely shoot him a message. You're living under a rock if you haven't seen him somewhere over the internet yet! · 319d ago

Thanks John!

josephofiowa · 320d ago

I had a great time on this podcast; I'd recommend joining for an interview. · 308d ago

Awesome! I would be really happy to chat with you. I am offering eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning tablets where you just add water to re-use your old spray container and reduce single-use-plastic consumption.

Never done a podcast before but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to get some press/attention.

lifeupeducationtv · 310d ago

Hello! Thank you for posting this and the opportunity! I have a service agency in Tokyo ( It is not an app. I also have another media channel - maybe you are looking for only an app founder, but if you do accept people outside of that, I'd love to learn more about it. You can see me speaking here: · 312d ago

Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Would be glad to consider. Check out and let me know the next steps

manojranaweera · 315d ago

Another idea: Let's do a Pioneer Clubhouse session. Anything between 6 to 11 pm GMT is fine by me.

Podcasting: Not really my thing. Plus I've not achieved much with yet to shout about. Trying to relaunch on the 20th.

dantop · 316d ago

Would love to be part of this.

rickkoletavitoglu · 318d ago

I am open to it too!

basanth · 319d ago

Not sure if you're open to connecting with folks who're building for India. We're building, I was going to drop my twitter username but looks like you've decided to leave twitter about an hour ago :D · 319d ago

I'll send you an email!

basanth · 315d ago


jaymatthews · 320d ago

Hey! If you're still looking for people to interview, I would be down.

alternatively, if there's another way to help in this, let me know. · 319d ago

Hey Jay, what are you working on?

kumar_abhirup · 320d ago

Hi! I am Kumar Abhirup, 17yo, building,
active on Pioneer since long,
would love to talk to you! · 319d ago

Submitted a form on your website!

kumar_abhirup · 318d ago

Hi! I got your response in chat! Replied back! by the way, my email is · 320d ago

Would love to be a part of this also · 319d ago

What are you working on? · 316d ago - Miit is a mobile app that makes it easier to meet new people in your area that share your interests, values and stage of life. We're trying to use social media tools to better match people with each other , not match them with ads ->

snounds · 320d ago

I would love to come on .. Jermaine Vanryck ... let me know the next steps

tatianarice · 320d ago

I would love to! Been on Pioneer since about last summer and really enjoying the community here (especially as a non-technical founder). I'm working on a social enterprise called BlkArthouse, which is an online marketplace and community centered on Black artists and artwork. Feel free to check us out at or email me at Hopefully look forward to connecting! · 319d ago

Emailed you!