[Tuesday June 1st @ 11am PT] Get live feedback from Pioneer
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Sunday 5/30! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out the last one here.

minhphan · 444d ago

Hey Pioneer team,

We are https://timelessfeed.com/. Basically we help you discover the best Twitter threads of all time on any topic. Check out our quick demo here: https://twitter.com/minhphan2301/status/1397242613850382344

In the long-term we want to build a curator economy in which people can create bite-sized text content for any kind of long from content from Books, Blog, Youtube to Podcast.
An example is my thread on Semiconductor https://twitter.com/minhphan2301/status/1384708483287642115 after watching the YT video of Farnamstreet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6NUO_bymuA

Right now we have about 10,000+ best tweets on startup,VC,tech in our database to serve as seeding content and solve the chicken egg dilemma for early set of users.

We have 2 question.

1- What do you think about the idea?
2- Do you have any suggestion on the best way to acquire new users? (we think of DM people who tag threader_app/ readwiseio to save threads on Twiter to inform about our app)

Thanks very much.

swarnendude · 439d ago

Hello Team Pioneer,

This is Sean, CEO of www.AllRideApps.com. We have 5 flagship products and so far, we have done more than $1M business in the last 2-3 years by providing custom Enterprise Solutions to our customers (developing custom products on the top of our core solutions). We have bootstrapped so far.

However, from this year we have planned to:

1. Launch White label subscription-based as well as SaaS products for the majority of our products.
2. Raise some funds to attain faster growth.

I got one question:

Do the investors like only a subscription-based business for such products or are they fine with both the models (where we provide either a subscription-based solution or deliver custom made enterprise products)?

johnking · 441d ago

Hi Daniel & Pioneer, thoughts on our short intro deck? Is there anything to leave out? The presentation pitch deck is longer with appendix and a different flow. THANK YOU! With Gratitude, John https://docsend.com/view/d5wbwddbbmrrvhdr

kingsongchen · 442d ago

I work on Techintern.io, wondering if you would suggest other interesting tactics or a different pitch to connect with a lot of startups that need to hire tech talent.

ragnorcomerford · 442d ago

Hi there! Just launched our landing page at https://glenstack.com. We're working really hard at building a modern no-code data platform to create, exchange, monetize and collaborate on data. We would love to get some feedback on the landing page and also discuss problems around data workflows that we are trying to solve.

hannahkim · 440d ago

I love this. Signed up! What builder did you use for your landing page?

ragnorcomerford · 440d ago

Thank you! My co-founder first made the designs in Figma, and we then coded them up in React with Tailwind and Next.js.

Miriam_Dorsett · 442d ago

Hi there! I would love to hear thoughts on how to best put together user research surveys and what to do with the information once you've gathered it. I would also like to hear thoughts on how you balance "outside of work" challenges that come up and you miss deadlines and goals you've set for yourself. I would also like to hear about team transitions. When you have team leaving, and onboarding and best practices around navigating that. Any or all! Appreciate it.

CalebNdunda · 443d ago

How do you feel about no-code/ low code software development in general? Do you think that someday it will completely replace native coding practices? Do you advise software Startups to build their technology based on no-code technology?

snehaprajapati · 433d ago

I think they are going to accelerate the number of startups in coming days, Though it will not completely replace native coding apps, but both of these no code and code will work simultaneously to power a platform in coming days.

Thomas · 443d ago

I would love to ask for your collaboration on my project idea.

I live in the rural area where majorly are living below $1.00 income per day. Most of them are addicted to survival of the fittest.

My project basically centers on helping them live above poverty line. "I'm trying my best but not enough..".

How would you counsel me not to drop or give up on the project idea despite different challenges aiming at crushing it! And you see people dying of hunger and malnutrition daily!

Thomas · 443d ago

I would love to ask for your collaboration on my project idea.

I live in the rural area where majorly are living below $1.00 income per day. Most of them are addicted to survival of the fittest.

My project basically centers on helping them live above poverty line. "I'm trying my best but not enough..".

How would you counsel me not to drop or give up on the project idea despite different challenges aiming at crushing it! And you see people dying of hunger and malnutrition daily!

joannecooper · 444d ago

I would love some feedback on my idea. I am building a membership website to give guitar players access to hundreds of play along videos. This will help them to learn new songs very quickly and very easily. The membership site is still under construction but the landing page is live https://www.playiit.com/

akk · 444d ago

Hey DG, we are https://chapterme.co/ and help creators by creating timestamped table of contents for their videos and podcast. They could then either embed it on their website (or) copy the chapters and add it to the description of their video/podcast. We would love to get feedback on -

1. Do you understand what we do? Is the idea clearly conveyed on the website (https://chapterme.co/)?

2. We created a demo for one of Pioneer's video "Dylan Field pitches seed-stage Figma to Daniel Gross"(https://app.chapterme.co/player/video/C1UUVdN3kdQ) that got a ton of views and positive feedback. We would like to know if you would be interested in using it for other Pioneer videos?

Matthew_Brooks · 444d ago

I've made many changes to my landing page since the last feedback over a month ago, including adding a demo video to the hero section.

I'd love to get your updated feedback on it: https://www.incognitoforslack.com/

Also, I'm running a lifetime deal on AppSumo. Should I market that in my app and on my website/LinkedIn/twitter etc. for a few months to potentially get more customers but at a reduced revenue? Or keep it hidden like I am now so only people that check AppSumo actually find it?

ashwwwin · 445d ago

Hey, I'm hoping to get feedback on my landing page! We're building a spatial social virtual world that brings people closer and currently on an invite only system (like Clubhouse). https://onlyfriends.io

adriankrebs · 445d ago

Hey Daniel, I'm Adrian from https://www.reviewr.ai
1. Any thought on pricing a GPT-3 enabled service like ours? We're currently charging per "run". I.e copy.ai has a monthly subscription with "unlimited runs". Usage-based pricing vs flat-rate pricing?
2. Any likes or wishes for our landing page?

pablo_moviepal · 445d ago

Could I get any feedback on my landing page? https://moviepal.tech

rickkoletavitoglu · 445d ago

What are your thoughts on our pricing for e-commerce businesses? https://www.150birds.com/pricing

cyrilmugglin · 445d ago

Hey! I'm Cyril from Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks for the great sessions!

I'm a solo builder and my project is www.miras.coach.

Miras supports your life change by tracking and measuring your personal development goals.

I'm at MVP stage with double digits beta testers and receive very positive feedback. Currently I have not implemented any monetization feature. The idea that I have for monetization is to provide Miras to coaches who focus on people that perform something life-chaning (e.g. getting retired, job change, or mentoring for students).

My question is:
What could I improve on the website www.miras.coach in order to (a) get more users onboarded from my target group and (b) validate if my monetization idea is actually working?

Thanks so much!

StyxProject.ml · 445d ago

Hi, I'm Yashodhan from https://StyxProject.tk
StyxProject is a Mobile OS (like OxygenOS or OneUI) we aim at saving old mobiles by allowing them to use our OS and taste the latest Android updates, great performance and battery while having better privacy and security as their previous OS.

My questions are:
1. How do we upscale our project, with each new device added, we need equal number of developers and maintainer to handle the source code and device.

2. How do we manage our infrastructure?
We need a huge server (16-32 cores and more than 32GB of RAM) for our OS building, jenkins rollout of updates and downloads, as of right now we use trial GCP and other trials of cloud services.

3. Is there anyway we can shift to a more professional paid service?

griffinli · 445d ago

Hi, I'm Griffin from https://circle.sh. At Circle we're building tech support chatbots for large companies, and we're trying to build an AI support agent that gives a better experience than a real one. We give our bot knowledge by analyzing community troubleshooting forums.

I'm wondering about general thoughts on approaching this: it needs to be good for companies since that's who we're selling to, but it needs to give end users an amazing experience as well and solve their problem or else it wouldn't have much value. A lot of the bots now (https://www.ada.cx/, Intercom Resolution Bot) seem to be very focused on building for the company, and the chatbots end up not being liked by end users. Overall, I'm looking for any thoughts on this, such as making this work and regarding the business + consumer aspect (retention, etc?).

daniyeljack · 445d ago

Hi I am Daniyel from https://5thprofantasy.com

5thpro is a social gaming platform for Fantasy football players to Compete, Connect, and Win Prizes(Cash, Crypto, and NFTs).

If we combine Draftkings and Twitter, we would get a 5thpro experience.

We are building 5thpro in Africa with a football fan base of over 300 million-plus and a sport betting market size of almost $40 Billion.

There is currently little to no competitive, engaging, and monetized Fantasy Football on the continent of Africa. With over 7yrs of playing Fantasy football, I and my team are the best people to deliver this rewarding experience.

We are currently seeking a Pre-seed to purchase the APIs, equipment, and cloud services we need to lunch with the new English Premier League by August.

Pitch deck: https://tinyurl.com/3rje7a2a

Thank you Pioneer is been wonderful being here so far.

feranmiakeredolu · 445d ago

I'm Feranmi from Nigeria. My project is achee. Our website is achee.co

achee is an investment portfolio that helps investors track their assets from multiple sources.

My questions are:

1. What kind of flow can we create to turn our free users into paid users on our product? What have you seen that works for other financial SAAS companies?
2. Our product is available to use globally but how do we choose a region or country to start with? Or do we target every investor in the world?

itini.me · 445d ago

Hey! I'm Sasha from https://itini.me. Itini creates an AI-driven day-to-day travel plan that adapts to your preferences, location, budget, weather and traffic. It only takes 3-5 seconds. Smart editing options allow personalizing the trip even more. Thailand is our MVP country.

We are with Pioneer for about a year already. Since it takes time to create a really innovative tech-heavy project, IF I may, I'd like to ask a simple question first: how about truly supporting potentially innovative projects and helping them to get through the product-market fit phase (which is obviously more than a by-the-book module that was just developed by pioneer)? The module is great for the business enabler startups but less effective for the product like ours.

I am asking this question as all I learn from the boilerplate communication is that unit economy and traction metrics are the only things you guys care about to promote folks to the pioneer status (where startups really start getting help and mentorship). While not arguing about their importance, this by-the-book narrative automatically excludes products and startups like ours because we are kinda not complying with the grand scheme of things.

Immodest but very illustrative to say, imagine Steve Jobs asked about validating unit economics of the device which is both a phone and an mp3 player. We have a fantastic product, we are bootstrapped and we've just got out of beta (and yes, it took months, not years), we operate in the travel industry, we are a b2b app and yet there is no one in the world that gets as close to the desired outcome as us (more explained here: https://medium.com/itini/why-i-have-created-another-travel-planner-ee3f19051458).

All we are asking for (competing with companies like TripAdvisor) is a real true mentorship, not even funding at this point. Currently, we are being bounced from the "competition" every two weeks with extremely canned, uninformative and indifferent boilerplate email.

Is that how Pioneer sees itself helping startups to get to the best versions of themselves?

KazuoSaito · 445d ago

Hi I'm KAZ from airamp. https://airamp.net/

airamp is a streaming service that gives artists and creators the freedom to revenue share and jointly publish their collaborative work.

My airamp product is difficult to develop, such as video streaming. That's why we are creating MVP.
MVP is a multi-player version of Patreon. There is no streaming feature.
We named this Phase 1 service ”Subamp” and aiming to launch it.

There is a huge functional divergence between airamp and subamp, and they don't seem to be the same service. I'm having a hard time conveying my intentions when I ask users to PreSignup.

What would be the best solution: unifying the names or adding streaming functionality to MVP?