Should we be incorporated again?
Shared by Masa · 182d ago · 8 comments

We were incorporated about 4 years ago as a C Corp in DW, United States before start developing our product.

During this term, she didn't make any earning. We are managed to be ready for launching our product currently.

Should we be incorporated again? If so, what advantage can we take financially or legally? Any opinion?

Thanks so much in advance :)

nathanganser · 177d ago

A few things to consider might be:
- have you messed up some things legally in the past few years? Maybe you didn't submit all the tax documents or so. In which case, you might want to "start fresh" since you now have a product to sell. You'll still be liable for those things with your previous company but at least it won't mix up with your new growing business.

- Has your branding changed? Maybe your product name has changed? In this case, why not create a new company with a name closer to your current product.

Masa · 177d ago

Thanks for advice!
We haven't had any problem in our company (including tax reports). So "CLEAN", we can close the company gracefully at any time.
And we also don't change brand or product during that term. We've just developed product.
I will consult our attorney and investor finally, but I wanted to ask you players in Pioneer, voices from entrepreneurs in advance :)

Thanks again!

kendsouza · 181d ago

This looks like a case of...'doing the same mistake again and expecting a different result':)
Did you not learn anything from the first time you incorporated?

Masa · 180d ago

Why do you think I made a mistake??
We have developed our product during that term, so it is natural for us to make no money.
Does it make sense to you? Did you read context well?
I just wanted to ask if a rookie company has any advantage or not.

kendsouza · 180d ago

Because your question is ridiculous. There is no need to incorporate again if it was already incorporated 4 years ago. And if you dissolved the c-corp, you should know the reasons why you did that.

manojranaweera · 182d ago

Do you want to register your new company in the UK? looks nice. Are you aware of

Masa · 182d ago

Not in UK, US :)

geralderih-2 · 181d ago

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