We're no longer accepting new questions for Tuesday's event. Stay tuned for the next one.
[March 2nd @ 4pm PT] Live Project Feedback with Daniel Gross (Rescheduled from 12pm PT)
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Sunday 2/28! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out the last one here.

noobleapp.com · 110d ago

Thanks a lot, Daniel and Rishi. This is really helpful.

Would love your thoughts on the better story to pitch our short-form audio podcasting platform - Option A/ Option B - http://bit.ly/2OefCTa

michaeljelly · 111d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi, and team.

I'd love feedback on our new landing page, beyond just the hero section (https://www.ethi.me). Our long-term vision is to build "Segment for consumers", does that sound compelling? What questions do you have when you hear that?


Afriktrip.com · 113d ago

Hello Daniel,

My startup is an online marketplace for travelers to find and book tours and activities to do in African countries for the holiday. https://afriktrip.com

The travel industry which is currently on stealth mode and we are spending the time building the product and supply. Right now, we have more supply than we can handle and this has shown in terms of backlogs with verification and onboarding etc, so my question is -

Should we stop adding new supply and focus on the existing ones that we have or should we keep adding new supply and try to raise money to get more hands to help. We don't want to put a barrier on growth.

platter.dev · 109d ago

0) Marketing and selling developer tools seems different enough that "b2d" is one of the first additional categories people cite down to break down the b2b vs b2c dichotomy. Have you observed ways in which successful devtools marketing and sales are very different than for b2b or b2c companies, and if so, what are they?

1) What excites you to invest in one devtools company vs another? What excitements have been proved out vs. corrected for by results?

2) We just completed a long heads-down pivot at Platter (https://platter.dev – thanks for still being here, Pioneer!). What questions or thoughts do you have about the direction and product based on reading the landing page and docs?

Ricky_Park · 109d ago

Hello Daniel and Rishi,

one question, if you were to see my website slash pitch deck, (please forget the color scheme) but if you were to see it now, what 3 questions between the "Market" page to the "Competitive Advantage" page, would you ask me if you were reviewing this as an investor? More than 3 would be fine as well.

the premise for my questions is, I have not had a real investor see my pitch deck so I have no idea what they would ask. I have a lot of interviews with potential users and friends with business, but their feedback is 98% percent the same, and the questions never relate to Market nor Competitive Advantage.

I just want to be prepared that's all. Thank you for reading my question.


jenil_thakker · 110d ago

Hey Daniel,
What do you think of the idea of re-branding to a different name after launching the product?

Context: We're building Coinvise (https://coinvise.co): helping creators and communities create, distribute and exchange their own branded cryptocurrency.

snehganjoo · 110d ago

Thanks a lot, Daniel and Rishi for hosting this

What are the best practices for an open source dev tool to show value add to developers on their landing pages?

We at kloudi are planning to go open source. Our website - https://kloudi.tech/

jonathanrstern · 110d ago

Hey Daniel,

When do you think is the right time to try to monetize a product like https://pairagraph.com?


Hi Daniel, Rishi, and the Pioneer team!

Please, give feedback on my landing page -> https://timeos.co

Is it too much for a one-liner "TimeOS is the first independent cross-platform AI personal assistant started as a personal productivity-centered calendar"? What are your thoughts about this sentence?

Thank you!

goodnesskayode · 110d ago

Hi Daniel,

We are building a Messagebird for Africa.

Our MVP is Communication APIs for messaging customers via SMS, Email, Voice, Whatsapp Channel.

We have a metric of processing 5m+ messages by the end of June.

My question is we know growing our developer community as we grow will be instrumental for the wide adoption of our product but a friend says I should focus on signing the business owners before even thinking about developers.

We have about 7 businesses that are using us now but I am confused on which to give more attention (Business Owners or Developers) to since our product is API focused and developers would be able to sell it well to their employer?

adambarker · 110d ago

Hi Daniel & the Pioneer team,

I'd love your thoughts on the different strategies VCs use.

Some VCs want the founding team to have figured out 90% of the problem and have a solid playbook before they'll invest to scale.

Other VCs believe in the founding team so much they'll fund a stealth venture (sometimes for several years) even while product and market-fit are unknown.

What determines these differences and is it purely down to the goals the VC has for their fund?

Best wishes

kendsouza · 111d ago

Hi Daniel, Rishi and the Pioneer team,

We just launched RunHOA ( www.runhoa.com ) meant primarily for Home Owner Associations. It is targeted as a disrupter in the multi-billion dollar property management market. There are around 350k HOA's in the US..many of them who pay around $10k to manage their associations and charges keeps on increasing as per the number of units(homes) in their association and services rendered. RunHOA will be marketed at a fixed cost of $399 for unlimited units. Also it is many times more feature rich than any of the solutions that would be out there.

What is your perspective on the pricing strategy as well as the digital marketing strategy of reaching out this potential base of customers?
Link for the digital marketing strategy: https://bit.ly/3uCB4Cc

Ken from runhoa.com

kamalsprasad · 111d ago

Hi, I'm building https://list.app with my brother. We just released the MVP along with a demo video: https://youtu.be/9cw76cQYLEc Would love feedback on the video to know if it clearly conveys the main features of the app.

manishkumarjha · 111d ago

Hi Daniel, How quickly and how often should one pivot, especially if some fundamental issue in their startup is exposed? E.g. i'm working a on a paid startup consulting platform called HackPitch(https://hackpitch.netlify.app/) and realized that the basic kind of advice is not that difficult to come by, and one can get more specialized advice by getting into an accelarator or something. In essence, I feel like it's not something people actually want, so should I pivot?

leandermaerkisch · 111d ago

Hi Daniel, Feedback on the landing page https://www.joinstardust.com/ is highly appreciated!

manojranaweera · 112d ago

I like to tap into this help once we reach 1000 volunteers at https://skilledup.life. Hopefully, by that time, I will fix all that not running smoothly. We just went past 200. It took us 176 days to gain the first 100. The second 100 came in 35 days. Wonder whether we could reach 1000 by end of Aug 2021. The previous target was the end of Dec 2021. Too slow, I know. But the forthcoming partnerships might help us to accelerate faster.

huongngtm · 112d ago


I'd like to ask if our story is convincing enough in a space that is quite competitive? We are working to get the smartest AI features to security camera, while we notice that many people worry that these features come at the cost of privacy. Because video footages are often processed on cloud server, many are not encrypted. So we do all the processing offline. USP = smart camera + privacy.

Do you have any suggestion?

zainzaidi · 112d ago

Howdy Daniel,
Would love to hear your suggestions on how to develop a salesforce and nailing B2B sales.
Zain from TransCrypts

ashwinkumar · 112d ago

Hi Daniel, I'd love feedback on my landing page - https://aitowrite.com.
This is a documentation tool for tech writers and engineers. Is specifically targeting open source a good niche to start with? Or, is it too narrow a focus and I should change it to enterprise technical documentation?

CryogenicPlanet · 112d ago


Would love landing page feedback on https://modfy.video/ or UX feedback on https://app.modfy.video/ (Best to run on Chrome or Firefox, Safari may not work)

andrew-miit.co · 112d ago

Hi Daniel,

A lot of Angels/Accelerators ask you to send them your deck, but then you're not there to narrate the slides. So we built the narrative into our deck. Is it too much, and should we go back to bare bones points based slides?



rickkoletavitoglu · 112d ago

Hey Daniel! Would love feedback on the landing page https://www.150birds.com/ and pitch deck https://docsend.com/view/b3b6ccaa8t2je4bt

visawire · 112d ago

Hey Daniel! Would love some general feedback on the landing page http://visawire.app/ and any advice for affordable user acquisition techniques (looking to gain users interested in immigration in high-emigration rate countries)

AyoAlfonso · 112d ago

Hi Daniel! at http://krakenedu.com and http://app.krakenedu.com

We curate and build virtual cohort-based trainings with experts in established companies.

What we need feedback on:

Right now we are struggling with meeting people who need the product without "selling" to them. This is not big problem but we want to meet them when they are ready to launch their courses. Many of the people we are talking to are launching courses in 2, 3 and 4 months from now. Meeting people that are ready or almost ready is the biggest obstacle right now.

What's the smartest way to go about finding these people?

shanemurphy · 113d ago

Hi Daniel, would love some feedback on our landing page https://koffeelibrary.com/. Also any advice for growing a DTC subscription business. Thank you!

greatalbum.net · 113d ago

Hi Daniel. Does the value prop in https://bit.ly/ga-pitchdeck come through clearly? How well does it differentiate from well known Facebook, Instagram, iCloud Photos & Google Photos? How dangerous is it to depend on Apple & Google to "allow" GreatAlbum to use their storage, or are they likely to cut it off if/when GreatAlbum becomes popular?

nipunchowdaryyarlaga · 113d ago

Hello Daniel. Hope you are well.

My website connects people with questions to those who have the answers, and vice-versa through scheduled live chats.
Your advice on the usability and feasibility of my idea would be invaluable.
Link to website: https://sites.google.com/view/expchat/search-experts?authuser=0

Thank you very much.
Nipun Yarlagadda

Matthew_Brooks · 113d ago

Hi Daniel! I'd like to know if my landing page is clean and if it shows the value of the app quickly.

How would you recommend I find more startups to pitch/sell to? Currently cold messaging via LinkedIn. It's going alright.


flourstorm · 113d ago

Would love UI feedback on https://www.nyc-map.com/

It's a 3d map and looks really cool....

fcomplexity.com · 113d ago

Hey Daniel, would love some feedback on https://fcomplexity.com particularly the landing page, more particularly how to increase the signup rate.

Also, I am planning to send email updates to existing users whenever a new technology/problem-set is added to the platform, but at the same time, I don't want to spam the existing users. What do you think is the right balance here? Are weekly email updates too much?

jameel · 113d ago

Hi Daniel! Would love to get some general UI feedback and thoughts on monetizing remote events. We're aiming to be the modern VFW or American legion for millennial veterans.
Also, how do you know when you've struck oil or if it's just a quick buck?


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