Launching publicly instaprice - The pricing calculator for freelance projects
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We've been going through the Pioneer tournament for 7 weeks now, and it's helped us gather valuable feedback. Our product is now live on the cat website :)

keyurshah · 4d ago

You guys nailed it; the application design is slick and looks promising. Trust it is helpful for small startups, too; I will share it with a few of my friends who recently started businesses and don't have in-depth knowledge of giving quotations.

I really love the idea and the entire interface and from what you are proving. You are giving the freelancer a significant opportunity to get paid well.

I have a recommendation, why not have a light mode on this website (landing page) so other people don't issue with the dark mode.

Lastly, you can also make sure that other currencies are included as well.

Thank you. I really love the idea.
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Thank you for the suggestion! We're working on a light mode version :)

You are welcome.