2 Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways To Use Media/Public Relations To Your Advantage During The Build Sprint
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Kat Mañalac and Craig Cannon of YC created a very helpful video on how to use content and public relations to your advantage:

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL9yoVFHx-Q

Insights about content I appreciated:
- How content & PR marketing is helpful but not scalable for acquisition (2:49)
- 2 things to do in preparation for PR & Media relations if you're not ready yet (7:20)
- What people should do, but don't, when creating beneficial content (10:29)
- Examples of startups doing content & PR relations (15:29)

Insights about press I appreciated (starts around 19:20):
- When to start (19:36)
- How to start (21:10)
- How to prepare to start (23:10)
- 9 questions every startup should be able to answer (29:20)
- How to pitch (30:00)
- How to get introductions to a reporter (34:45)

We've also found the website HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out, to be useful. It's a website where journalists look for sources on articles they're publishing soon. After helping the journalist, they occasionally reach out and send more sourcing opportunities directly to you by email.

Here's a link to the first article we were cited in:

- https://www.crmbuyer.com/story/Consumers-Expect-More-From-Brands-to-Earn-Loyalty-86803.html

We responded and were cited as a source all within 6 days. We also added a 'Press' page to our website after seeing other companies do so:

- https://marketmetrics.io/press

What are some ways you found it beneficial to use the media to augment distribution for your product or service?

manojranaweera · 512d ago

Prior to soft-launching https://skilledup.life on 1st August, I launched, Furloughed Life on 7th April. I immediately connected with others operating with the furloughed in the UK. One of them had a much bigger team and press savy. By connecting with them, we got featured next to them on BBC News website. Here's the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52556518

Strategy to adopt is: speak to your competitors. When press comes knocking on their door, press will always ask who else is doing what you do? Then they would need to refer someone, and they will pick you as you took the trouble to get to know them, even you compete with them.