How important is brand building for startups?
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Hey fellow Pioneers!

I'm doing research on how startups build their brand.

What tactics and tools are you using to bring your brand to life?

Ideally, I would love to talk with founders (or brand managers) for short, 30-minute interviews. If you’d like to help me (or know someone who could), please let me know.

Thank you!

manojranaweera · 287d ago

No time to speak. The brand is everything. However, in my case, I hardly think about it. I'm building 5 brands

1. Techcelerate - A trusted network for UK Tech founders This is the second iteration. The logo was created in 2011 (I think) using Twitter. Awesome time for collaboration. I think I paid £50 to create the logo then.

2. Deal Lite - All done by me via Canva. Pick Lite as it's a lightweight offering £9.93/month vs Beauhurst at £750/month. Recognition is there that we will never be as data rich as them, but we can create something to help everyone. Problem though is then we are start competing with free products.

3. SkilledUp Life - (why I am here). Again created by me using Canva. Early days. On the march to 1000 volunteers

4. Progress Hero - 3 owner of a code base with significant technical debt. Created the logo by myself again using Canva free version. Hoping to launch to Techcelerate community next week.

One more left to launch in 2021. Our micro Pre-Seed fund. But it would be simply called Techcelerate Fund and it will be very light.

Happy to answer any specific questions about above but can't speak unless it's an open session on Clubhouse.