Top feedback in the Pioneer Tournament 10-19-2020
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Here are the principles that stood out to our team in last week's top feedback:

- Share links to relevant resources you find useful.
- Include both positive & constructive feedback.
- Imagine you’re the target user. Would you use the product? What’s confusing?
- Tap into your own knowledge and experience. Is there anything you could share that would accelerate the founder’s progress?
- If you identify a problem, make specific suggestions.


I think it'd be beneficial for you to put that demo video on the landing page. Just so your users can instantly find out more about your product. Personally, I didn't think I'd find this useful until I clicked around and found the video, which made me much more excited about it


Hi, I have some experience in security research. Interested in the idea of post-quantum encryption and how you intend on guaranteeing that. If you're interested in discussing it more, reply below and let me know.

Obviously there are issues with how encryption keys are stored/exchanged so I'm very interested!

I'd recommend putting a 'REQUEST ACCESS' button + form on the homepage, so users can sign up to be testers.


Honestly I think this is actually really necessary. All the productivity apps I’ve heard people rant and rave about make it even harder to be productive because there’s just too much to do which defeats the purpose. Makers in particular need a serene and calm space to be at their best. ‘Sidebrain’ I like it!


I really resonate with the proposed pivot. Especially having freelanced myself you're kinda putting a finger in the air when you're coming up with a price. This is an opportunity for freelancers to better understand their value. I still think getstardust is a noble cause but the pivot has far less market participants for sure!! Well done on the preliminary deal! Let me know if you need anything


Great job adding analytics, activating stripe and more last week! Your pitch comes off a bit strange: Why would I care if a big company like Google or Zoom helped me build an education platform? If I use you and you get big, won't you be a big company helping me? I'd recommend checking this out for best practices on pitching your startup Good luck!


Great job making your auth mobile friendly and more last week! Your pitch and website are very clear For me as a potential user, you'd have to make it really clear why're better than the competition. We've used both ManyChat and ChatFuel, so while I understand exactly what you do and why I want to do it (which is a great start!) having such strong competition, you need to tell my why I should choose you. GL! :)



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Vi · 197d ago

I know this is a thread about top feedback but can we discuss unhelpful ones? One of my comments just said "improve your website" and another was just a repeat copy and paste of a blog post from a previous week. The majority of feedback is just "nice work" which is understandable when you don't have much else to say.

Sometimes, it feels a little frustrating when I spend time reading project descriptions and looking at websites to write thoughtful responses only to see several non-actionable comments in return.

Giving feedback is taxing in addition to everything else a founder is doing. I realize that many people are looking to rise the ranks by submitting fast responses. However, I wonder how we can improve the ratio of quality feedback to time invested. I would love to help those who actually want help and who also want to help others. · 193d ago

Hi Vi. I've haven't had the honor to review your project. But I have heard your real pitch. Your project is amazing and I'm confident your venture will help a lot of people.

You're an engineer and a scientist, so you can probably hack your way around most of the weaknesses in the rating system better than most.

Those hacks may not curb the random copy and paste from someone that doesn't respect the spirit of Pioneer's primary currency (the incentivized voting system). But it will give you a good indication of what percentage of your voters in a given week were engaged. Here's a quick example:

1. You're probably updating your site every week or so. Using a shortening service that tracks clicks and referrals is an easy way to get a feel for what percentage of your voters actually took the time to learn about what was important to your project that week

2. If you get 3 clicks out of 10 votes, the voters aren't engaged. If you get 8 out of 10 and that correlates to the number of "spam" votes you got, then you've gained some additional visibility into the validity of the feedback.

3. If it's something you really need feedback on, put the short URL in the "CommunityOpinion" field and ask nicely. Only people that truly don't care about their fellow entrepreneurs will ignore that box (Newton's law, Karma, Golden Rule - fill-in-the-blank will deal with them). It's really your best place to actually leverage the usefulness of the system (IMO).

TL;DR Two weeks ago I had my very best week ever since starting this journey with my then 3.75 year old co-founder. I got the most downvotes I've ever received on Pioneer since I started.

Measuring the voter engagement helped me determine if it was more likely a function of my own less than optimum communication or the luck of the draw with respect to fellow entrepreneurs that didn't spend the time to see what we were up to that week.

Hope this helps on some level.

Vi · 184d ago

You're awesome, Lorenzo! This is great, actionable advice. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. Your insight is always appreciated.

leandermaerkisch · 197d ago

There will always be players who take the convenient road and minimize their effort to provide thoughtful feedback. Personally, I believe that Pioneers function to "select 3 useful feedbacks", which in return yield 25 points for the feedback giver, provide a great incentive model to put effort into the feedback writing process. Publishing Top Feedback with respective feedback givers works similarly.

You cannot force players to provide non-helpful feedback, but what you can do is incentivize those who do. Better leaderboard position, being selected as 'Pioneer', and stronger belonging to the Pioneer community are positive consequences of providing thoughtful feedback.

For more, have a look at PG's post on being nice

Vi · 195d ago

Agree that we can't force players to give actionable feedback. It's understandable that some people do what's most convenient. Feedback is obviously incentivized--I just wonder if it makes sense to give as many points for an unhelpful comment. Also curious to know if downvoting feedback would help quality control or if it would deter people from commenting.

Thanks for the PG post! Huge fan of his and this was a great read.