Time took to acquire 100 users
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We just added the 800th volunteer to https://skilledup.life

Thanks for all the suggestions the Pioneer community made and continues to make to improve our service.

GrowthChannel.io · 12d ago

awesome job, congrats!

Brainsprays.com · 14d ago

Wow, congrats!

Brainsprays.com · 14d ago

That's huge Manoj. 100 "volunteers" is a far greater challenge than 100 consumers/users, due in no small part to the complexity of the offering. So 800 is off the charts in my book.

manojranaweera · 14d ago

Thank you Sir.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/muhanad-galaleldin-357ba185/ joined us last Friday at our Clubhouse session. He did not know who we were. I was startled to hear that he has applied for over 5600 jobs and not received a single job offer or comment.

All he knew was he want to do a job in IT.

After he joined us, with some guidance, this is his profile https://www.skilledup.life/volunteer/muhanad-galaleldin/

I'm going to give him a small test and then get him involved with https://www.skilledup.life/opportunity/deal-lite-954-51-user-testing-qa-qc-volunteer/.

If that works out, and if a potential partnership comes through, he might even find continuation after us.

Many ifs in this story, but he is already very thankful to us, just for speaking to him.

Many people do not understand what we are trying to do. I wanted to help early-stage tech startups and build a business around this. But the number of people we will touch going to be high.

We will work on the intersection of education and getting a job. Whilst we are only 11+ months old and only have 805 volunteers, I feel we have an opportunity to do something really good, especially for those in our society overlooked by many existing programs.

This is also allowing me to do something I never had when I single-handedly got www.edocr.com to 200,000 users over 7 years. Now I can get as many people willing as possible to build this business. And we are going to share what works for us in detail.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Brainsprays.com · 14d ago

That’s inspiring and amazing. Way to go!