HTTPS Certification
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Any recommendations for getting our website certified?

mahditaleghani · 151d ago

Hi, which tool are you using? if you are using cloudflare for your domain management then the simplest solution is to use cloudflare's free SSL.
there are other ways too. are you using a host or a vps? are you using wordpress or ...?
I would appreciate it if I can help you.

dumbledore-429401 · 142d ago

So the domain is on google. Do you know anything for that?

mahditaleghani · 142d ago

I didn't have a domain on google domains. but I know that you can manage that with Cloudflare. just enter the Cloudflare DNS records for your nameservers in the domain registrar panel.
then manage the certificate by Cloudflare. here is a link that maybe can help:

manojranaweera · 151d ago

I use Cloudflare on all WordPress sites I own.

mahditaleghani · 151d ago

so it would be straight forward. go to SSL section and activate ssl/tls.
then activate the orange cloud icon on the dns records section.
also you can search for:
- how to get cloudflare free ssl
- getting letsencrypt free ssl cloudflare


peter_retief · 151d ago

Any reason you dont want to use

user_1234 · 151d ago

Is it even a question?

OliverOxenham · 151d ago

I build my websites on
https comes for free. Try it!

dumbledore-429401 · 142d ago

Thank you!