Anyone else received these comments?
Shared by manojranaweera · 20d ago · 10 comments

"Congratulations on your work. You've planned things well, structured your KPI's and are focusing on the right things to achieve your goals and grow. Of course you need to work a little more on your landing page, content, but this is just the beginning of something promising. Surely if you continue like this you will win many victories, your progress is visible and inspiring. I wish you much luck and success."

"Congratulations for your project and nice work!
Firstly, your one line description is well constructed and I understand what your business try to solve and I think that can be a very high impact idea. Your website is looking nice but I think that can be more improved from design point of view. Your KPIs was set well and congratulations for the fact that you almost finished it and your results from this week are good"

cesccanet · 19d ago

Looks like spam. Downvote those comments so they get penalized.

tonyrice · 15d ago

Agreed. Definitely seem like spam.

manojranaweera · 19d ago

At least one of the two culprits is in the Top 50. Is downvoting enough?

MNM · 20d ago

They seem to be copy and pasting and it is not specific. Now that I have been made aware of this too, I look for feedback that is actually specific to my project to upvote ~ where it is obvious they actually took the time to view my project and send helpful advice. I block out my entire day to go thru each project and it can literally take all day to do it properly! · 20d ago

They are useless and just meant to cheat the game LOL. I emailed Pioneer about this a couple of weeks ago. I was giving very honest advice and getting downvoted, so I started to play the game, but not to this level.

manojranaweera · 20d ago

Time to call them out. What do you think?

manojranaweera · 20d ago

People seem to be ranking well with these standard responses, which in my case is 100% useless.

tonyrice · 15d ago

I've been giving more detailed feedback and getting fewer upvotes. I wonder if people are forgetting to upvote? I sure have! · 14d ago

It's so hard, you want to give constructive criticism, but it only gets you down-voted. And yes, I've found that people don't give upvote karma on the post-review comments.

manojranaweera · 14d ago

On my part, I upvote when requested feedback is provided. I also downvote those who copy and past crap.