As a founder, the onus is always on you...
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Making your deep tech company wildly understandable...

Henry Ford had famously said "If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses".

If you're in deep tech, you're probably doing something ground breaking and something that people didn't even know they wanted.

Which is amazing, but also comes with it's challenges.

For example no one really knows what the hell you're on about because they have no reference point to understand.

So many founders dive straight into their solution, and loose people because they are speaking a different language.

So it is your job to tell the story for them, to make sure they don't only understand what you do but see the massive value you're about to provide to the world.

Here's how:
1) Set the right CONTEXT: Outline what's currently happening in the world (in their frame of reference)

2) Show them what's wrong with alternatives (even if the alternative is doing nothing) and how it's affecting them

3) Sell them on the VISION: You're creating an unknown future and people are scared of the unknown. So dispel any myths about the future by painting a compelling picture BEFORE you go into what your solution is.

michael_abia_v1 · 251d ago

"If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"

I think this applies to problems you're solving for yourself, even then finding a lot of people that share that problem with you might be the bigger problem. So I guess it's a balance between your vision and user adoption.

kendsouza · 251d ago

The key here is always the frame of reference. I cannot sell a car with 'car' power if my customers cannot comprehend what a 'car' is in the first place. But if i talk in terms of 'horsepower' and how this 'car' is 10 times the power of a horse then they can relate if all they understand is horses. That's a starting point. But if your frame of reference is going to be 'AI Powered', 'Deep tech' , 'Blockchain' , 'NFT' are not getting across even if your innovation is the best thing out there. You might convince a few..but that will not be enough and you will miss out on mass user adoption.

manojranaweera · 255d ago

What are you building? What's the URL?

kendsouza · 255d ago

RunHOA - Home Owner Association Management System

manojranaweera · 255d ago

HOA - is this a well-known abbreviation?

kendsouza · 255d ago the US.

manojranaweera · 255d ago

I mentioned you to our ( company Still pre-revenue but post MVP.

kendsouza · 255d ago

Interesting...looks like a document/images storage service for real estate developers in the UK.