Founder University Applications Open
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Hi, Jason Calacanis' Founder University is accepting applications for their October 26 & 27 class (fully remote).

The best two day investment of time I've ever made with respect to growing - Our growth rate increased by almost 50% within three weeks of taking the course.

manojranaweera · 15d ago

I like doing random stuff. So applied. But don't have a pitch deck as I don't need money. Ended up grabbing a screenshot from the home page Let's see how good their selection criteria are. Don't think I can find 2 free days. But hey, who knows. Thanks for the tip by the way! · 12d ago

Hi Manoj, Yes, I'm always impressed by how many things you've grown bootstrapping wisely.

Having said that, I also didn't have a pitch deck when I applied. So I just put 10 slides together with one line address the same stuff everyone looks for in a deck (pain, innovation, team/tech/timing, cost to dominate/economics, market). Then I put that in my Pioneer update to see how people would respond to a colorless deck :D

The current version has graphics.