Leadership lessons from the Power Plant CEO who met Margaret Thatcher
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We don't always know the career accomplishments of our family members. My co-founder recently was able to catch up with his grandfather, Viktor Polivaniy, who has led the Zaporizhzhia thermal power station in Ukraine as CEO for 20 years. He kindly shared his leadership secret recipe, here's what he had to say.

NFT-gal · 12d ago

Interesting read! Thanks for the share. The question of "what makes a great leader" is one of endless speculation. Here's the one I think is most important:

He also talked a lot about leading by example. You should practice what you preach.

The person (people) in charge should breathe authenticity and integrity (alignment of action and words).

Here are a few that didn't resonate with me too much:

Make decisions quickly.

This seems largely true, although I value a leader who makes the right decision over one who makes it quickly.

Stand by your decisions.

I'd prefer a leader who's capable or reassessing their decision over one who stubbornly persists despite obvious bad outcomes.

Sal · 12d ago

Agreed! I also thought the "Behave like a leader" point is a bit vague / less practical. Leaders come in so many, many, many shapes and forms. And isn't the objective of the article to find out what makes a successful leader? So this point is a bit inverted/redundant.

Otherwise, awesome. +1 on wanting to read the transcript :)