Give feedback on our one-line project description
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Hey everyone, happy to recently have joined you in the Pioneer tournament!

I'd love some feedback on our one-liner. I first and foremost want to know two things:
1. Do you understand what we do?
2. Does it make you excited enough to want to check out our website?

Project description:
GuineaPig is a remote fitness club for founders. We help founders to take better care of themselves through coaching and community.

I'm looking for total honesty so that we can improve it. Thanks!

mattcrail · 740d ago

I am not clear if you are talking about physical fitness, mental fitness, business fitness, or a combination of all of those.

Also - to echo Vasek - you are sort of missing the 'why' part of the statement. Why should I try this? 'Take better care' isn't necessarily hugely exciting - what happens when I take better care of myself, and what does that help me achieve. It feels obvious, but make it crystal clear. · 740d ago

Thanks, really appreciate the feedback!

Vasek · 741d ago

1. Pretty clear
2. Not really. Maybe if you changed to something like "We make founders 10x more productive in X weeks through remote coaching". · 741d ago

Awesome feedback, much appreciated!

vladyslavdidenko · 732d ago

1. Do you understand what we do? From second attempt , got it. The first part of the description was unclear, second part was more clear. Online fitness community for startup founders, would sound more clear to me.
2. Does it make you excited enough to want to check out our website? More confusing than interesting · 731d ago

Thanks! We’ve gotten a lot of helpful feedback from this post so we’ll make sure to iterate on it. Really appreciate the help! · 739d ago

1. I'm not 100% clear if this a social product, an education product or a fitness app. Probably some combination of all three?
2. For me personally it sounds like something I wouldn't have time for (I already have my own fitness routine) and I wouldn't normally give it a second thought HOWEVER the opportunity to connect with other founders has me almost there! So I think that's a really nice hook. · 735d ago

Thanks for the feedback Andrew! I'm taking note to improve the clarity of the pitch to be more descriptive. Nice to hear that the community part sounds interesting as well. Appreciate the help!

ramseybeing · 739d ago

It's clear enough, you can remove the "to". It seems like a healthy way to meet fellow founders. · 739d ago


DropX · 739d ago

I get it.
Great concept.
I am too lazy to want to try it out :) · 739d ago

That does indeed sound like the total honesty I asked for, haha! Thanks!

DropX · 738d ago
alikhursheed · 740d ago

Yup, completely got the idea. How can I join? · 740d ago

Awesome! You can visit our website and sign up for a free tour with my co-founder Anton here: Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well at, I'd love to chat a bit if you're up for it. Thanks!

syedasim · 740d ago

By remote do you mean online, if thats the case, then the word online may be better in the senetence.The fact that this club is for "founders" seems limiting, it can be generic to all. · 740d ago

Yes, we do mean online. We're interested in bringing what local fitness clubs do, such as personal training, bootcamps, and classes online for people who are working remotely. We want to start with founders since we're founders ourselves and know first-hand the challenges and pressures we've been under. But one day we'd love to serve more customers, of course. Thanks for the notes and for helping out, much appreciated!

shivan · 740d ago


I like what you have here is change I would recommend.

Use a framework such as Problem, Agitation, Solution(PAS) to improve the copy.

So seem like in your case I got clarity on:
Problem: That is be able to take care of myself as a founder
Solution: A remote fitness club that provides coaching and community.

Although I believe it can use a bit of Agitation. Something to stir things up. Something where, once you’ve identified a point of pain. Now you need to make it painful by making it more emotional.

Here are some ideas for Agitation, but I am sure if you put more thought to it you would be able to come up with something even better:
Agitation Option 1: Startup is not a Sprint Its a Marathon, Make sure you are playing the long game.

Hope this give you an idea.

Best of luck · 740d ago

Great tips, thanks for the feedback! I think that's very interesting, maybe pushing a bit more on pain points. "We help founders to avoid burnout" might get the important point across quicker. Appreciate the help!

raushanraj · 740d ago

1. Yes i am getting the idea a bit.
2. Yes I was looking for your website.
Few points
1. Who will be the coach ?
2. Does it include something like 15 min daily puzzle, motivational videos, a dating tips, yoga, health tips, etc. ? · 740d ago

Thanks for the feedback! I'll take note to make this clearer on the website as well.
Quick answers:
1. My co-founder Anton, who's in the video on our website, is the coach.
2. Right now, we're doing it much like regular personal training. First, you'd set up a personal consultation with Anton. Second, you'd figure out what personal goals you want to set. Third, Anton would help you out by giving you stuff like workout and nutrition plans, have daily checkins, and be quickly available for support.

If I may ask, since you mentioned some suggestions, are you currently using any such products that you think are great or that you feel are missing something? I'd love to know!

raushanraj · 740d ago

Not really, But yes I am looking for something and more interested in the mental health program instead of diet program. · 740d ago

I've also become increasingly interested in mental health programs, while I've previously focused mostly on physical fitness myself. Thanks!