New: Badges on the Leaderboard and Frontier
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As you may have noticed, there are now user badges on the Leaderboard and Frontier, directly tied to your performance in the Tournament! Currently there are 5 badges you can earn:

- Pioneer
- Global Top 50
- 10+ consecutive progress updates
- Great feedback giver
- On the rise

As always, let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions!

OliverOxenham · 146d ago

Just curious... How is "On the rise" calculated?

pioneer · 145d ago

Subject to change, but currently you're "on the rise" if you climbed up 5 or more spots in the Global Leaderboard since last week. · 146d ago

This is cool. Just missing one!

rarelyjeremy · 145d ago

Which one? · 145d ago

The important one

rarelyjeremy · 126d ago

Which is…

manojranaweera · 146d ago

Rankings change every day. Would it not be better to only display the changes on Wednesdays? This way, we can use the ranking on that day as a benchmark to improve. I know why it changes - as people pick the best three comments.

But for benchmarking, it's just a nightmare, not knowing where the true position is.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 146d ago

It's easy, latest your points will rise, often a place-making amount, is in response to people voting on best comments. That happens at any time, even sometimes on review day, so if you want to benchmark just compare yourself the day before reporting opens - Monday.

manojranaweera · 146d ago

I'm just saying I don't like it. That's all.

manojranaweera · 146d ago

The only thing that's permanent is Lorenzo killing it - No 1 slot, week after week. What a guy! 53!

amandacua · 146d ago

Exciting! Love all the new releases

curtaustin · 140d ago

I noticed that and liked it, made me feel even more guilty as I could not give reviews this week due to horrific 24 hrs of flu bug. Negative Covid test received, so happy about that. I like rewarding good reviewers with impactful and positive feedback, the feedback received has helped me immensely and would love it being recognized. Also reminds me to keep pushing to help others every week for 20 minutes to half hour once a week.

curtaustin · 140d ago

And yeah, I know this makes me sounds old. Can probably tell with the use of grammar and lack of shortcuts. I can type faster than I can shortcut and emoji...

WatanabeNaoki · 143d ago


Mubarak_ayanniyi · 143d ago

Can't wait for my first badge!!

ptmn · 145d ago


nitrobemsin · 146d ago

Great update

user_1234 · 146d ago