Ad Aged: Good writing is a business advantage.
Shared by JayLewis · 106d ago · 4 comments

Loved this article. Good writing really is clear and creative thinking related to the problem.

Does anyone have good examples of good writing from companies today? Either on landing pages, social media, or otherwise?

beng · 104d ago

This is a fantastic piece. For anyone reading, check out these demos linked in the article. They illustrate how to get your point of cross in a visual, interactive way that boring ads do not.

- US Debt Clock:
- You are Jeff Bezos:

McKayla-Berry · 104d ago

I went all the way through the Jeff Bezos one... wow. Is it naive of me to think he'll do well by his fortunes due to the pressure of the spotlight? He's in a great position to make real and incredible impact on climate change and seems to be leaning heavily in that direction ($10B committed this year).

Jimmons · 102d ago

"You are Jeff Bezos" is an epic game. He just wants to be a space cowboy McKayla IMO.