When to go full-time on this project?
Shared by McKayla-Berry · 334d ago · 9 comments

I'm trying to figure out if now is the right time to go full-time. What were your metrics for making the leap?

braddwyer · 333d ago

I dropped out of school the first year my company made $1M in revenue. Probably should have been more aggressive in retrospect.

McKayla-Berry · 330d ago

SO curious about this.

How long did it take to get to that point? What was the business? Were you generating revenue immediately?

braddwyer · 330d ago

Social gaming during the heyday of Facebook games.

It took a little over two years to cross $1M (primarily selling $10/mo subscriptions and virtual currency) but it was ramen profitable from day 1 (via Adsense ads).

GrowthChannel.io · 330d ago

When you feel you want to grow this as a business! Don't expect much to happen (at least not in a short term) if you're part time.
P.S. I went full-time when we were accepted into an accelerator program

McKayla-Berry · 330d ago

Ah, nice. So for you it was the moment of external validation. I feel like that can come in the form of an accelerator believing in the project and/or customer validation... people loving the thing you're making.

kendsouza · 333d ago

If folks are dependent on you or if you are in a relationship, give that the first priority. Check with them and your financial runway. But if you are young and single, just take the plunge. The intensity and the experience along the way will be invaluable even if the project does not get to the desired goals. Things always work out somehow when you take high risks when you are young.

Sal · 330d ago


Sal · 330d ago

I like the mentality of just go for it unless you're truly being reckless with dependents. The advantages of youth...

Klog · 333d ago

Different for everyone. Depends on if you have any money saved to make the leap. I prefer the approach of staying at your job until leaving is an absolute necessity. A good measure of your abilities and the natural success of the product will be if you can manage both at a high level for a time.