[Thursday December 23rd @ 12pm PT] Get live feedback from Pioneer
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our team will answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Tuesday 12/21! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out a recent one here.

aimabletuyishime · 196d ago

Hello! My name is Aimable. Co-founder of Quidy Ltd. A company that is building Shofi, an app that helps business owners get online with compelling eCommerce pages that leverage their social media presence to grow their sales. We would like to get feedback on our pitch deck https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1-CgsFXKCe2oDH7ZystvVHIHV5z4ddsDB9TYz6S_1bCE/edit?usp=sharing and if time allows, our landing page https://www.shofi.app too. Thanks!

andrew-miit.co · 198d ago

Hi team, Andrew from https://miit.co here.

We're building a mobile app that connects introverts in real life through shared interests, values and stage of life. Would love any feedback/first impressions on the product itself.

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/miit-meet-new-friends/id1529707579
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.miit


JohnFurrh · 138d ago

Hey can you send me your email I need to talk to a few people that have been on the pioneer app for at least 50 days (this way I know you're not someone knew who recently entered the project with intentions to see what we are doing )

justinwu · 199d ago


We are helping early-stage SaaS businesses increase their landing page conversions by optimizing existing copy with AI and A/B test different copy.

I would love to hear what you think of our value proposition, the message you receive from our landing page, and our beta offering. Anything you suggest we should drop/do more?

Thanks for organizing an awesome event!

- Justin

fcdogan · 199d ago

Hey Justin,

My only concern is there is too much competition in this market, what's your difference? I'm using this kind of products, but why would I switch to yours.

Other than that message is clear, a cool product, and absolutely solves my problem.

JohnFurrh · 138d ago

Hey would you please send me your email I need to talk to a few people that have been on the pioneer app for at least 50 days (this way I know you're not someone new who recently entered the project with intentions to see what we are doing )

fcdogan · 138d ago

If you're asking for customer discovery feel free to reach-out at firat@permify.co

justinwu · 198d ago

Thanks for your feedback! Could you elaborate more on what you meant by competitions in this market and which product are you using? Just to make sure I understand your point correctly.

fcdogan · 198d ago
justinwu · 198d ago

Thanks for providing the list. Compare to the products you mentioned, we are focused on "SaaS businesses" and "landing page copy". We train our AI with data sets that are specific to driving conversions for SaaS landing pages. We also help our users create an optimization flywheel by taking the winning variant from each A/B test, generate a new copy with our AI, and feed both variants into a new A/B test to keep optimizing. Feel free to sign up to a free trial with us if you're interested!

manojranaweera · 199d ago

Signed up as well - for the free test run. Love to see what it puts out on our terrible home page www.skilledup.life. One of my festive season tasks is to redesign it. If I can get your AI-generated suggestions, that would be awesome. Many thanks.

manojranaweera · 199d ago

My reply to your welcome email got bounced.

"Your message wasn't delivered to admin@leteflow.com because the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive email."

justinwu · 199d ago

Hi. That’s our system email address. Please send your message to us at hello@leteflow.com. Thanks!

manojranaweera · 200d ago

Struggling to find a question to ask. But I think I would like to attend the session.

In terms of the progress https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups:

1. 2,607 volunteers from 71 countries. Now adding 100 new volunteers every 3 to 6 days (this month would be a low month due to festive holidays).
2. £223 MRR on target to get to £10k MRR by end of Oct 2022. Trying to see whether we can bring this date forward. See metrics https://skilledup.life/metrics - we are #BuildingInPublic (I like what Joel has done with Buffer - but won't go to the same extend - what a guy!)
3. Biggest market: Nigeria (who knew?). Our Nigerian volunteers want to bring 25,000 of their friends next year!
4. 2 Customers from Pioneer. Love to have more. Wish we could have a strategic partnership with you.

Unlocking the power of SkilledUp Life is by appointing an HR Volunteer - just blogged about this https://www.skilledup.life/the-volunteer-process

I've been here since 1st Aug 2020 and still enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

All the best

manojranaweera · 199d ago

By the way, I'm 53 and a stubborn solo founder. It's good to see there are about 5 of us here over 50. Don't really want to let the youngsters have all the fun!

JohnFurrh · 166d ago

Do i have the right KPIS?

Samyak · 193d ago

Hello, I'm Samyak from Brytebook.

Brytebook is a blogging platform that helps writers to publish, set up paid communities and help readers to curate interesting blogs.

We'd like to get feedback on our landing page and the problem and solution copy


Sample blog that are on Brytebook: https://brytebook.com/brslv/26-learning-to-lead

fcdogan · 195d ago

Hey there, It's Firat from Permify.

Permify is a plug-&-play Authorizations system that makes your apps flexible with custom role management and access control. It helps you build complex Authorizations faster and cheaper.

We'd like to get feedback on our landing page, and how effective it's to explain probelm&solution.


ashwinkumar · 196d ago

Hey, I'm Ashwin, founder of AI to Write (https://aitowrite.com).
A knowledge base company (Document360) reached out to me to integrate my API into their product and offer it to their customers.
I'm working on this deal and also want to pursue other knowledge management companies like Notion, Nuclino, ZenDesk, and so on.

Any advice on how I can go about approaching these companies?

manojranaweera · 194d ago

Hi Ashwin, I'll email you. Used to know the Zendesk team well in the early years.

ashwinkumar · 193d ago

Thanks a lot!

user_1234 · 196d ago

Hi, I am building https://peerhose.com A support group style health social network to discuss diseases.

shubhamdubey-2 · 196d ago

Hi, my name is Shubham and I am building a decentralized Social networking site that has the combined features of youtube Instagram and Twitter on a platform but all three are decentralized and run through blockchain

I need feedback on the website and what should I add in this also any new design ideas that I should implement in this to get more users also how to get funding for a social networking site or should I make my own cryptocurrency and raise money through it

dman · 196d ago

Hello! My name is Dmitrii. We're a team of 3 people and we're building Kasti, a service for memorizing foreign language words and phrases. We would like to get some feedback regarding our landing page https://www.kasti.io/ and about our idea in general. What are the most weakest points in your opinion that we need to work on harder? Thanks!

JohnFurrh · 138d ago

Hey you do not mind would you please send me your email I need to talk to a few people that have been on the pioneer app for at least 50 days (this way I know you're not someone new who recently entered the project with intentions to see what we are doing )

dman · 138d ago
LinkyIO.com · 196d ago

I'm building a consumer product https://textyio.com but wonder.. for most people are all real consumer needs already met? Seeing that most people have food, shelter, social, etc ... is it likely most consumer products will be addressing a want rather than a need?

WatanabeNaoki · 195d ago

Interesting messaging app. I have considered the same question and I agree with you. My answer is "consumer needs is usually shallow and wide".

LinkyIO.com · 195d ago

Right, so there's a small set of deeply important needs which most people have met, then a wide range of many shallow ones.

rorynewman · 197d ago

Hello, I’m Rory from Vaccination Indicator.

You can view a mock up on your phone of the app at https://thevaccinationindicatorinc.multiscreensite.com/

Any direction or advice to attract investors and mentors will be greatly appreciated. It’s a lot to manage and to get some advice with the new challenges will be ideal.

huseyinevecen · 197d ago

Hey! I am Huseyin from brieferr.com. https://www.brieferr.com/home

Brieferr turns free-form answers to data points with NLP where built-in analytics can't. We analyze feedback forms to boost business customer success. And give them actionable results in a one-page dashboard.

What are your first impressions from landing?
How can we acquire our first ten paid customers?
What services can we integrate other than Zapier?


mangalpradamalaya · 197d ago

Hello, I am Malay, Co-founder of GameBig https://www.gamebig.in/

GameBig is LinkedIn for gamers. Where gamers can create their portfolio to show there gaming skills and achievements. People can hire gamers with desired skills, and organize and Participate in Esports events.

We have just finished building our MVP. We have been testing our product with our friends who play games. We have got positive responses.

We are thinking to acquire users in the following way:
1. Share in different platforms like: Reddit, Discord.
2. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Ads.

We need our advice on following areas:
1. How we should acquire users (apart from above methods)?
2. How do we create a strong network effect?
3. When and how should we launch in USA?
4. Should we think about moving to web3?

JohnFurrh · 138d ago

Would you please send me your email I need to talk to a few people that have been on the pioneer app for at least 50 days (this way I know you're not someone new who recently entered the project with intentions to see what we are doing)

joshbrill · 194d ago

Going off the backlash Discord got from gamers when they even hinted at the possibility of incorporating NFTs on their platform, I'd recommend not going web3. Or at least wait until there's competitive play-to-earn games that aren't scams.

joshbrill · 197d ago

Hi I'm Josh Brill, Founder and CEO of Praxis Technologies.

I'm building a game controller that aims to solve one of the most niche pain points ever, yet has a surprisingly big demographic: being unable to do quarter circle motion inputs in fighting games.

My question is how do you effectively make a landing page for a hardware product that shows it works without giving away trade secrets?


peter_retief · 197d ago

I guess a demo to show how it works?
Probably not always easy when you are testing different iterations.

joshbrill · 197d ago

The problem is I don't have a full enclosure designed so I'd be recording myself playing games with a bare PCB. That's the trade secrets I'm talking about. Maybe I just won't have a closeup of the controller. I'll have to think about it.

peter_retief · 197d ago

Interesting project, both my sons are gamers and spend a fortune on mice and keypads.

joshbrill · 197d ago

Thanks! And funny you say that, it uses mechanical keyboard parts for the buttons.

JohnFurrh · 138d ago

If you do not mind will you please send me your email I need to talk to a few people that have been on the pioneer app for at least 50 days (this way I know you're not someone new who recently entered the project with intentions to see what we are doing)

visawire · 198d ago

Hey! My name is Nino and I'm the founder of VisaWire https://www.visawireapp.com/
VisaWire is an immigration, employment, and settlement guide for relocating to Canada (and subsequently to the world's leading countries).

My question is around the landing page - based on what you see, do you understand what VisaWire does and how it can help? Would you get started and go into the application? I'm trying to better understand what others see when they look at the landing page and how to more effectively convert them into using the app itself

peter_retief · 198d ago

I finally managed to get my landing page done!

peter_retief · 197d ago

I added some code.

GiveInternet.org · 199d ago

Hi, George here from https://giveinternet.org/ - we are a nonprofit that makes anyone for as little as 1 USD a month sponsor monthly internet fees & devices for students in need. Donors receive monthly reports on how the money was spent, who they helped, and how they changed their lives.
Would love to hear ideas about the landing page. Would you donate? If not why not? What should we do to make you donate?

rahulsundar · 199d ago

Hey, I'm Rahul, a Co-Founder at Pebble. Pebble is the “food buzzer” of the airport that changes how travelers wait at baggage claim. With its patent pending technology, Pebble is able to recognize when it, along with the user’s suitcase, is on the airport conveyor belt. Our proprietary technology renders the time users spend at baggage claim stress-free and more productive. With Pebble users can finish some work, watch a TV show, read a book, watch their children, answer a few emails, or simply relax, all of which contributes to an overall improved travel experience.

I was wondering if having a young founding team (average age of 20) negatively affects conversations with VC's? Because we've gotten far in interview stages for accelerators and VC's, but haven't been able to get that one step further.



binismail · 199d ago


We are building a social payment app that enables Africans to send or receive money using an email, phone number, or unique tag for free.

We would to get feedback on our Pitch deck since we would be having a pitch presentation soon, please check our pitch deck below.


fcdogan · 199d ago

It really looks like you got sth. I'm not living in Africa but I always hear how the payment systems are broken over there. This might really help independent creators over there.

Here are a few things I catch about your pitch deck;
- First of all what's your go-to-market strategy? I think it's not clear who do you exactly aim first.
- Your moat or competitive advantage page (How you'll outcompete your competitors.) is very generic. I wouldn't believe that being consumer-centric is a competitive advantage anymore. or at least tell me how will you execute that.

Anyways you look like a really great team with a great product. Good luck!

WatanabeNaoki · 199d ago

Turn your reading list into podcasts to stay productive.
If you were me, what would you do as the most priority? Situations:
- Launched a few times on YC SUS, subreddit, and some other communities. Struggling to find potential users or people to interview. I'm going to test many channels.
- 1-2 WAU (who converts at least one text into an audio a week). I've observed handful signups that don't come back. I've just sent an email to them for feedback.
- I'm a solo founder and willing to immigrate to the states, but don't know how to.
- Some people complaint about the machine (GCP Text-to-speech) generated audio quality, but I will not train my own TTS model.
I made a test account for this event (email: test@test.com, PW: testtest). Thank you for organizing a great event.

Edited: fix a password typo

fcdogan · 199d ago

Cool problem to solve, I'd love to have this problem to be solved for myself. Count me in, feel free to reach out at firat@permify.co I'm free next week for an interview :)

WatanabeNaoki · 198d ago

Thank you so much. I'm happy to hear that. Would it be possible to pickup a slot next week?

fcdogan · 198d ago

For sure I saw your email. I’ll pickup a time

manojranaweera · 199d ago

Love to have a chat! I'll reach out. By the way, pwd is testtest

WatanabeNaoki · 198d ago

Thank you for great comments! Happy to talk to you! For now it is free. I had an idea to monetize as freemium model (10k chars free /month and $40/1,000,000 chars), but now focusing on getting users to improve the product. You are right. Episodes cannot be removed for now. I'll add an delete button this week. Where's your blog? I'll convert them all. Thank you for wordpress plugin idea!

manojranaweera · 199d ago

By the way, if it's free, I am happy to convert all our blog posts.

I thought it would take the content from the URL. Looks like that's not possible. Episodes cannot be deleted as well.

Mate, I love this. How did I miss your startup before? It even pronounces my name well.

manojranaweera · 199d ago

Drop me an email please manoj.ranaweera@skilledup.life - I can fix your user issue.

manojranaweera · 199d ago

The immediate idea I got is - wouldn't it be cool to just auto-generate blog posts to voice? I bet there must be many solutions out there that already do. Now I am hungry to search and find one for WordPress.

manojranaweera · 199d ago

One of your routes to market could be a WordPress Plugin. We can even offer it as a perk through www.skilledup.life/perks (mid 2022). I got so many ideas!