's progress update - February 7th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum - enable shared biographies & stories in membership-based albums. Enhance with Google/iCloud media auto-organized into events.

What are your KPIs?
Pitch to 8 founders/investors in February
Goal: 8 by February 28th
Current: 2 (Last week: 0)
1000 google photos imported via API
Goal: 1000 by February 28th
Current: 20 (Last week: 10)
50 active beta users
Goal: 50 by February 28th
Current: 8 (Last week: 8)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

đź› Launch Beta4 sprint, ramp up new Project Mgr
Finish testing Google Photos Importer
Practice pitch to 2 founders/investors
Finish mockup of
Two more blog posts

Launched Beta4 sprint, ramping up new Project Mgr
Finish testing Google Photos Importer
Practiced pitch to 2 founders/investors
Still working on mockup of
Blog posts

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

đź› Continue to ramp up new Project Mgr
Implement Google Photos Importer
đź› Complete rebuild of app using Composer
Continue mockup of
Document/decide best path for email/in-app notifications
1-2 more blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? 1-min pitch video (so far)

Project website · 595d ago

great progress!! · 595d ago

Oh! For a second I thought this was a music website, but once I visited the website it clicked. this is to share albums with friends/family. After watching the video/reading the pitch deck - I think really calling out how seamless this is and how it compares to Amazon/Google/Apple photos. All three do a great job from my experience tagging and creating shareable albums so showing the differentiation is important! · 595d ago

Have you done market validation and user interviews yet? I'm also not quite clear on the value proposition / product description. Is this a way to share photos among friends? Among anyone but you provide a backstory for the user?
I took a look at your website, I would make it less wordy and cluttered and add more spacing. Photos and memories in general are important subjects during these days, so interesting idea! · 595d ago

Organizing photos is something a lot of people are interested in. You've been working/thinking on this problem for decades which means you have good stuff to bring to the table. You want to show (not tell) how this product is a cool thing in my life. Show me using it to make my picture albums come alive. Drop 95% of the words. Especially so as the product IS pictures, use pics and show me.

SNOUNDS · 595d ago

Very cool idea! The quick pitch I would take a different approach to, I would almost show a short video clip of the photo album display and then talk briefly through it. The sentences are not constructed well and the slides are too busy. Think short, sweet, and simple. We help create pitch decks @ maybe we can assist to make it more attractive. Still an awesome idea! · 595d ago

So, like, your own Netflix of photos that others can buy?

Sounds really ambitious, I am not sure how it would play out but sounds interesting! · 595d ago

Looks like an awesome project! I actually think I have voted for you quite a while ago. You have made excellent progress since then. I think your pitch is good, you talk clearly and everything is easily understandable. Your pitch deck is quite text dense, if possible I would try and cut down as much as possible. I would also include a 'team' slide, even if it's only you. Just a basic bio, your background etc

Lilius · 595d ago

I would try using a better design. Your website looks outdated. Your design is really blocky and uses a lot of text that is the same size. You need a landing page that quickly explains what you're doing. You only have a few seconds to draw the user in. · 595d ago

Is your product for the average person? If so, I wonder if the home page text is too technical. That combined with the screenshots being too small to easily see what they show may mean visitors bounce away before understanding the product. Managing photos is certainly a problem so I think you should be able to find a market if you make it easy and visually exciting. · 595d ago

Cool product!!
What are your users telling you? How are they using it?

the 1min pitch is good. I'd remove the long text from the slides. I wouldnt go into technical details of structures but more expand on the usecases and what your users are saying/how they are using it :)