Free For Women Founders — Founder University
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Jason Calacanis' Founder University is accepting applications for their February 22-23 Women Founder & Co-Founder class (fully remote).

If you get selected to attend it's free!

The last time I posted for one of these, several Pioneer players told me there results were similar to mine

"The best two day investment of time I've ever made with respect to growing - Our growth rate increased by almost 50% within three weeks of taking the course."

Good luck!

shwetaverma · 12d ago

Sounds lovely! · 12d ago

Awesome! Are you going to apply?

shwetaverma · 12d ago

I was thinking of. But then I am a very different time zone! IST and PT timings are almost opposite · 12d ago

I highly recommend that you try your very best. It will help your traction. Good luck! · 15d ago

Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing :) · 15d ago

Hi Maryna, this is a must do for you. They look for deal flow for their Launch accelerator and syndicate. There's a pitch competition at the start of each day. If you are pitching your value proposition for what I know it is you will win and end up on a few key people's radar (which will come in handy as you bring together your next round).

Even though it looks like a "two day" commitment, it's not. It's probably 5 hours each day for two days on average, since there's no meals or bio breaks (virtual - so more efficient).

Please say hello to your "CEO" for me. · 15d ago

Sounds like a great opportunity, Lorenzo! Just signed up :) · 17d ago

I haven't launched the product in market yet but would love to get the training in advance. Am I eligible? · 17d ago

Hi, checked your site - very cool! It seems like you’re in testing so in my mind that’s a product in market :). I would just fill out their typeform and load your deck. I’m positive the class would give you some useful insights that’s help your launch. So it’s worth applying.

Good luck! · 16d ago

I don't have a deck yet. I'll get back to the application with a draft deck soon. · 16d ago

I didn’t have one either :)

So I made a first deck with just one line of text per slide, covering pain, our solution, customer journey, market size, timing, team and high level revenue potential. No color and no pictures.

I posted that draft in the “community” feedback field for my weekly Pioneer update and got useful recommendations I used to tweak the next day before submitting.

Hope it helps and good luck! · 15d ago

Applied! Thanks for encouraging. :) · 15d ago

Awesome! Good luck!

inbalshenfeld · 18d ago

Perfect for me - thanks
!!! · 18d ago

Awesome! If you have a deck you should include it even if it's not 100%. When applied I didn't have a deck so put one together quickly the night before to upload. It ended up being good timing because I needed a deck a week later for something unrelated.

Have a great day!