Your choice for startup domain email backend?
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Anecdotally, feels like almost every startup/founder I talk to uses Google Workspace for their business domain email. What are you using?

sandeephegde · 1d ago

We also use Google Workspace.

juliegauthier · 4d ago

I'm using google, because I just couldn't justify spending the time researching and setting up other options

woutdispa · 7d ago

As a bootstrapped company, we wanted minimal friction. People can keep arguing about this all day long, and there are plenty of point solutions in market that do things better, but as a package, there is nothing better than Google Workspace - and it pains me to say that. Time is your most valuable commodity, remember that.

ptmn · 18d ago

I use Zoho Mail (made by a company based in a rural India)

* Pros: Their free option gives five accounts with great standard and technical support.
* Cons: No IMAP/ POP3 for that plan.

Still it's good enough!

kendsouza · 20d ago

I host my own email server instead of a third party provider. No added costs and more control.
Also my products RunPTO and RunHOA have email blast capability for my customers to send email to their members. · 20d ago

Nice, what self-hosted email server stack do you use?

kendsouza · 20d ago

Postfix for SMTP server to send emails.
Dovecot for IMAP/POP3.
You need to know how to setup SPF and DKIM records in the DNS zone.
Rainloop for email client(there are many other clients out there..pick one)

kendsouza · 20d ago

There are docker based email servers like mailcow which integrates all the above. I have not used it.
Note all the above is open source and free.

hugomontenegro · 21d ago

Fastmail, works great and is cheap. And non Google. · 21d ago

Thanks, forgot about them!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 22d ago

Zoho Mail as part of the Zoho One bundle which covers their equivalent of the Google suite, CRM, Site hosting (like Wix) and many other apps · 22d ago

Thanks, Andy. Looks $45 USD/mo, compulsory for all employees; do you have any discounts or anything?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 22d ago

No I don't have any discounts but if you are going to use a big portion of their products, inc the site hosting and CRM, the bundle is highly competitive for 1-2 people. · 22d ago

Twilio is handing out credits for sendgrid, go for it. · 22d ago

Thanks! My question was a bit unclear: by "startup domain email backend" I mean the place where your business email server is hosted, not the service you use to send marketing or transactional email.

What do you use for email server hosting?