Your choice for startup domain email backend?
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Anecdotally, feels like almost every startup/founder I talk to uses Google Workspace for their business domain email. What are you using?

bukunmi · 305d ago

As a bootstrapped project, now I use Yandex mail to configure all domain emails. With Yandex mail, you get up to 1000 domain emails for free, and you are able to assign people into roles, teams from the backend without necessarily have to host your entire website on their server. Just their MX records, SPF, DKIM and verification code gets in your DNS record.

I do set emails for all my coworkers and provide each of them with a login credential officially as a team member. All done on Yandex admin. I don't worry about this, it's fine.

I started off with Zoho mail back in my early years of freelancing but Zoho has limited free plan.

sandeephegde · 315d ago

We also use Google Workspace.

juliegauthier · 318d ago

I'm using google, because I just couldn't justify spending the time researching and setting up other options

woutdispa · 321d ago

As a bootstrapped company, we wanted minimal friction. People can keep arguing about this all day long, and there are plenty of point solutions in market that do things better, but as a package, there is nothing better than Google Workspace - and it pains me to say that. Time is your most valuable commodity, remember that.

ptmn · 332d ago

I use Zoho Mail (made by a company based in a rural India)

* Pros: Their free option gives five accounts with great standard and technical support.
* Cons: No IMAP/ POP3 for that plan.

Still it's good enough!

kendsouza · 334d ago

I host my own email server instead of a third party provider. No added costs and more control.
Also my products RunPTO and RunHOA have email blast capability for my customers to send email to their members. · 334d ago

Nice, what self-hosted email server stack do you use?

kendsouza · 334d ago

Postfix for SMTP server to send emails.
Dovecot for IMAP/POP3.
You need to know how to setup SPF and DKIM records in the DNS zone.
Rainloop for email client(there are many other clients out there..pick one)

kendsouza · 334d ago

There are docker based email servers like mailcow which integrates all the above. I have not used it.
Note all the above is open source and free.

hugomontenegro · 335d ago

Fastmail, works great and is cheap. And non Google. · 335d ago

Thanks, forgot about them!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 336d ago

Zoho Mail as part of the Zoho One bundle which covers their equivalent of the Google suite, CRM, Site hosting (like Wix) and many other apps · 336d ago

Thanks, Andy. Looks $45 USD/mo, compulsory for all employees; do you have any discounts or anything?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 335d ago

No I don't have any discounts but if you are going to use a big portion of their products, inc the site hosting and CRM, the bundle is highly competitive for 1-2 people. · 336d ago

Twilio is handing out credits for sendgrid, go for it. · 336d ago

Thanks! My question was a bit unclear: by "startup domain email backend" I mean the place where your business email server is hosted, not the service you use to send marketing or transactional email.

What do you use for email server hosting?