How is everyone's mental health right now?
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With a 1/100 year pandemic, the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement and one of the worst economic recessions since the great depression, I think it is okay to ask this question. The goal is to provide emotional and psychological support to those that may be struggling in this unknown chapter of human history and through these challenging times.

sam@cashcoach · 10d ago

So far so good, apart from the deep recession coming, I don't think our world is any worse than before. War, tragedies and atrocities happen everyday in the world, the media just pick the ones they want to cover. · 9d ago

We're doing better here than we ever expected but still startup wise.. we're just getting through month to month. These are unusual circumstances and I tell everyone right now.. unless they REALLY have a good reason to do a startup to not do one. If they actually have a secure remote job right now to just save money and ride things out. We're fortunate enough to be a niche that is doing well because of Covid (gaming) but not everyone is. Capital markets have been hit hard, depending on where and who valuations have also taken a very big hit in some places and consumer spending confidence will likely take years to recover without a UBI.

We're most likely going to keep executing and paying ourselves modestly when possible to ride this out · 10d ago

My co-founder and I got into a really tight spot just as C19 hit. We needed to raise a bit of money to secure a year of runway and the prospect of maybe not managing to close the deal, lose everything we've worked for, and be unemployed in what looked like it could be an unprecedented recession, was terrifying. It affected our entire lives, from personal relationships, to our workouts, to our sleep. Before this experience, we could sometimes almost feel insulted when people asked us what we were going to do this weekend or if we were going to take any vacation this summer. Our answer was always the same: We're going to work. But this experience got us to the point for the first time where we felt that if we have to feel this way all the time, it might not actually be worth it. Since then, we managed to close the deal and things are now looking pretty good. But we're careful to remember this lesson going forward, that no matter how much you love what you do, it can make you feel absolutely terrible. Because it can be taken away from you by forces that you cannot control, just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm hoping this can resonate with someone being in the spot we were six months ago, not giving our mental health too much of a thought and just focusing on the work. Keep going and work hard. Just try to be prepared by having your health, your personal life, and support from friends and family in order as well. You won't believe how how fast things can turn until you've experienced it yourself. · 10d ago

I definitely can feel the effects but I choose not to let it effect me. I empathize with others. Like Sam said things happen all the time this situation has just been amplified and is unique in that it has affected everyone at the same time.

It's important to adapt. It's also important to stay focused and keep grinding.

Building my product has been tough and certainly has punched me in the face a few times. So I decided to take today easy. I got some sun, went to the gym. I feel great. A reset is important every once in a while.