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Though still dominant..looks like the bay area share of VC capital keeps on declining (look at the regional spotlight in the report).
Below from the Q$A with Rob Freelen:

Do entrepreneurs have more power in
this environment?
Absolutely. Over the last few decades,
founders have gained more ability to
control their companies. As an example,
look no further than the successfully
negotiated classes of stock with super
voting power.
Based on their needs, founders can
build their capitalization table with the
type of investor they prefer—and do so
in record time. Many US VC firms are
feeling intense competitive pressure to
compress their decision timeframe from a
couple of months to a couple of days

What implications do these shifts have
for entrepreneurs?
Top entrepreneurs are in the driver’s
seat today. They often have their choice
of firms, valuation, and terms. That
said, entrepreneurs often choose their
investors based on the skills, expertise,
networks, and perspectives of the
specific partner or firm

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Hi Ken

We captured UK deals of £16.8 bn this year. This is through my other venture We track venture-backed UK tech startups and investors backing them.

Unlike all these well-established brands, we also control the source. and

manojranaweera · 41d ago

Ironically, I just met a SF VC in North of Manchester today just to have a chat. US VCs are setting up bases in London. London VCs are spreading to other cities like Manchester.

You no longer need to be based in SF/SV, but the lingo seems to still matter. He was talking all about SPVs.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

And telling me to focus on - Everyone is entitled to have an opinion!

kendsouza · 40d ago

Ah.. don't listen to them. You and you only will understand your vision.