The Scale of the Universe 2 - YouTube
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Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the world, I try to remember this. The infinite cosmos calms me down. At the same time, the infiniteness of the universe is the scariest concept ever. My heart lurches when I think about it, and it helps me to readjust and steer my focus to the mission. Enjoy your rides, fellas!

kendsouza · 22d ago

It is scary when you separate yourself from the universe. The entire universe exists within you which you are experiencing with the space and time goggles.

macOS · 22d ago

Thank you! I was in terms of comprehension/understanding of it, not in a spiritual sense.

kendsouza · 21d ago

I was not talking spiritual either..everything gets registered when you observe is all waves..and that's quantum physics for you. Note that..all you did was see a youtube video and that's how you defined reality.

macOS · 21d ago

Thanks! I updated the leaderboard list. It seems you have gained +6 positions. Well done! Let me know if that was correct...