Giving thoughtful feedback on a Monday, how do you do it?
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To some users (including me at first), it may seem daunting to review 10 projects every Monday and give 'thoughtful' feedback.

What I've found really works well for me is reviewing 1-2 projects throughout my day during my breaks just so I can actually give well-thought-out and sometimes helpful feedback.

How do you do it? Burn through all at once? or in batches? I'd love to know.

thismaleek · 449d ago

My strategy is i love to do it on Monday Evening after work, just before I sleep I take my phone and spend 1 - 1 and half hours giving helpful feedbacks. · 449d ago

This was my strategy in the beginning but I realized I didn't have that stamina to go through all at once haha. Glad it works for you though, that's quite impressive actually imo.

ozramos · 450d ago

That's my strategy this time as well, although I think we actually have until the end of Tue (on my dashboard it says Wed 1am)

I like to take my time with them because I find that it actually helps me think critically about my own project, but I think it's important also to find a balance as well. If you work 40hrs, and you spend 2 hrs voting, that's 5% of your work time which I think is good to be mindful of · 450d ago

Yes, this week is special, I wonder why haha.

I totally agree! There's a fine balance between taking enough time and giving thoughtful feedback and overdoing it by spending a ton of time 'trying' to give good feedback when you don't have any at that particular time. Spot on.

bv · 442d ago

I burn through it all at once. I give every pair around five to seven minutes so it takes a little over an hour. I’m not a expert in any of these subjects yet if you pretend to be a possible customer it’s helpful enough.

Also, change the framing. Going through the projects helps you as a builder.

Every day we see websites that are already built and perfect. It’s helpful to the building mindset to see a bunch of projects in process. It helps you not take things for granted.

manojranaweera · 449d ago

I do this very quickly. I focus on what the company does and the ASK. Most do not seem to ASK anything, which in my opinion is a massive lost opportunity. In addition, some even lack a website.

Sadly, I hardly look at the progress vs. planned due to lack of time - plus I easily get bored when I see so many emojis.